blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…

A Royal Sweep…

The best seats of the 3 game series as ths photo shows the new scoreboard showing tonight’s matchup of the two teams.

Todd Helton warming up before the game. Helton has not had a great series against the Royals, errors in the field and hardly any production at the plate. Is it now time to trade Helton?

Willy Taveras waits to start off the game with his first at-bat.

Holliday batting third in the lineup, waits his turn in the first inning. 2 homeruns in the series, Holliday has been one Rockies player who’s efforts has produced anything positive at the plate.

Aaron Cook’s second attempt to win his 11th of the season would not happen tonight, as he is leaves in the 6th.
It’s been a great roadtrip to Kansas City aside than the Rockies not winning a game out of the three. I’ve talked to numerous Rockies fans here and throughout other places in KC. Met a couple of fans who are on the way to Detroit after this series. I’ve spoken to several fans who agree that Barmes or Tulo maybe shouldnt have come back to starting so soon, while Omar Quintanilla was playing so well at shortstop. Will the rumors of Holliday being traded rear their ugly head again? I’m hoping not. So far on this roadtrip the Rockies have seriously underachieved. Take nothing away from the Royals, they came into the series hot and they continue the same way as they move on to hosting the Cardinals on Friday. The Rockies head to Detroit for 3 games beginning on Friday, while I am hitting the road back to Denver Thursday morning. I’ll look at the series against the Tigers and post more pictures of my time here in Kansas City. I’ll cover my perceptions on things here in Kansas City, their fans, renovations and what they do differently from the Rockies as an organization that maybe the Rockies should look at changing. Thank you Kansas City, and to the Royals for you hospitality.

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