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Rockies vs Royals, Game 1…

You couldn’t have asked for better weather than what we had in last night’s game. What we could’ve asked for was a much better outing from starting pitcher Jeff Francis. The first game of the 3 game series against the Royals, started off in a not so fine fashion with Francis giving up 4 runs in the first inning, and eventually being charged with all 7 runs in the game. Francis has a history of inconsistency when it comes to first innings. It looks as though he is lacking that killer instinct to go out there and just take care of hitters.

It’s good to see lots of Rockies fans here in Kansas City upon arriving at the stadium last night. I’m not sure how many made the trip from Colorado, but I was fortunate to meet and talk to numerous Rockies fans, even with a couple who made the drive in from Wyoming. There were alot of Rockies jerseys amongst the only 12000 fans in attendance.
Needless to say the night ended in a loss for the Rockies, but the only thing to be gotten from it was a free 32oz drink and a Snickers bar from any Circle K convenience store if the Royals strikeout 6 batters in a game. Hopefully the next night I wouldn’t have to want the need for another candy bar and drink.
The fans and staff of Kauffman Stadium are very friendly and it’s a shame that in a city of such a rich baseball history, that fans dont take to their team more seriously. Sure the product on the field has alot to do with it, but fans should be showing up to Royals games to support the baseball culture in this town and stop reliving the 1985 World Series and the legacy of George Brett and embrace the team they have.

George Brett statue
1985 World Series Trophy

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