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Checking In From KC…

Some 10 hours and 617 miles later we’re arrive at our hotel at 4:30 this morning. And needless to say sleep was my first priority. It’s now 9:30 in this morning and the day is about to begin shortly. We drove throughout most of the night with little problems with the exception of a major thunderstorm with some hail, having to pull off the highway for a few minutes.

Our hotel is 4 miles east of Kauffman Stadium, which we got a glimpse of on our way in. Surely the players had a much easier and more comfortable trip than we had. This I’m sure is how players in the minor leagues must feel, after a night of traveling from town to town, except without the assistance of a GPS unit, thanks Garmin.

The Rockies could’ve and should’ve won against the Mets yesterday afternoon before leaving Coors Field, losing their first series out of their last 5. Greg Reynolds did well for the most part but again the haunt of leaving men on base and cold wood (except for Torrealba’s homerun late in the game) does in the Rox once again.

Tonight the Rockies face a Kansas City team that has been hot as of late, so this series worries me a bit. This is the Rockies first trip ever to Kansas City, as it is mine also. The difference being I get to relax and watch them play and they have to go out there and try to beat the Royals who are 8-2 in their last 10 games which includes a sweep of the Cardinals. This going to be a tougher series than what it appears on paper. The one thing that is in the Rox favor is that the Royals record at home is 15-19.

Checking in tonight after the game hopefully with some photos.


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