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Another Series Win, Shirts vs Skins, etc…

Though not as exciting as Tuesday night’s game, it was a win and that’s what mattered most. Last night’s win gave the Rockies their 5th series win in a row and puts them 3.5 games behind the second place Dodgers in the NL West and above .500 at home this season at 18-17. Willy Taveras stole his 31st base of the season last night and is now 22 behind the Rockies team record set by Eric Young in 1996.

Indians fans looked very dejected for the second straight night as the Indians have been outscored so far in the series 14-4. Indians pitching has not been up to par, though last night they were able to keep the Rockies from exploding for another set of double digit runs. This game was closer, and there were numerous wasted opportunities by both teams, but by the Indians especially. The Rockies go for the sweep tonight with De La Rosa (1-3) on the hill.

We’ve all seen them everywhere, the guys usually with the beer bellies wearing no shirt at football, baseball games and most any other outdoor sporting event, just enjoying nice weather (even at Lambeau Field in the winter) and a nice time. I dont know if you saw it or not, but in yesterdays Washington Post there was an article about the Washington Nationals not allowing fans to go shirtless at Nationals Park. If I can find the link I will post it here. I looked on the Nationals website and in their guest conduct policy page there is no specific reference to fans not being able to sit and enjoy the game shirtless. It does state that “Tops, bottoms and footwear are required for admission”.

So it got me wondering as to what exactly the policy is at Coors Field, though I already feel like I know the answer. So I asked an usher what the policy was for fans who want to go shirtless at the ballpark. And the answer I received, that going shirtless is fine anywhere in the stadium except for up on the Club Level. As for the Rockies website there is reference that states, “Obscene clothing or indecent clothing with not detract from the Guest experience.” But that statement you’ll find is on every teams website.


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