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Coors Field, Home of the Braves…

Last night it seemed that anytime the Braves did anything positive there were louder cheers coming from their fans than from Rockies fans anytime the Rockies did anything positive. And if you were at last night’s game or you watched it on television, you know there were few positives for our Rockies.

A 6:05 start and a makeup giveaway of the replica National League trophy, brought out those fans who were probably there more for the giveaway than the game or the team itself. Simply the Rockies were outpitched and outhit last night as has been the case a number of times this season, but hardly in the same ballgame. Maybe it’s a good thing this was just a makeup game and not a three game series. After what happened last night I dont know if the Rockies would’ve recovered. The Rockies were nearly shutout by Braves pitcher, Jair Jurrjens. Chipper Jones goes 2-4 and is still hitting over .400. Ian Stewart was 0-5 at the plate and currently hitting .204. The Rockies have a lot of stock in Stewart, who has great upside, but still cant seem to hit major league pitching.

In what could’ve been last season’s World Series matchup, tonight the Indians make their appearance at Coors Field, and returning is a familiar face in former Rockies 2nd baseman, Jamey Carroll, who should receive a nice round of applause from the fans.

The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY…

The GOOD – The Rockies not having to face C.C. Sabathia or Cliff Lee. The probable pitching matchups over the next 3 days, dont really seem to favor either team on paper, so the Rockies have a chance…either to lose big or to win big.

The BAD – Rockies pitching staff having to face Grady Sizemore of the Indians who despite hitting .266, leads the Indians in homeruns with 17 and stolen bases with 16.

The UGLY – 3 losses to the Indians for the Rockies would be ugly, but this should be an entertaining series.


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