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A Day Off or An Off Day?…

The Rockies are resting today with no game scheduled, but yesterday and maybe even the day before the Rockies were having an off day. Or did they take those days off as well? The Rockies had a chance yesterday to take the series over the Giants 2 games to 1, but once again the bullpen blows the lead and the Rox go on to lose in extra innings. Though the Rox are not scoring enough runs and playing from behind alot of the time, there are slight signs of the starting pitching beginning to solidfy itself. Now if we could get some help from the relievers, things will begin to look up like they did during the 3 game win streak earlier in the homestand. They have a chance to redeem themselves and finish the homestand 5-4 by taking at least 2 of 3 from the Mets beginning Friday. Can the Rockies repeat what they did last season to the Mets at home and sweep them again?


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