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It’s good to get out of April…

With an off day today, the Rockies finished April one game better than they did last season at 11-17. So with Tuolwitzki possibly headed to the DL, if you look at what transpired last season, then you know we’re not in such bad shape. let’s just hope we dont have to win another 21 out of 22 at the end of the season to reach the post-season, but if it happens, it happens. Here are the current standings.


Arizona 20 8 .714 –

L A 14 13 .519 5.5

San Fran 13 16 .448 7.5

Colorado 11 17 .393 9.0

San Diego 11 17 .393 9.0

The D-Backs are off to a hot start, but it’s not going to last, or will it? Once the Rockies pitching catch up to the hitting, or is it the other way around? Then there’s no reason why this team shouldn’t finished no lower than 2nd in the division. Dont be fooled by the Dodgers record, take away their 3 wins over the Rockies and they’re sitting at 11-16. They arent playing great baseball right now, it’s that the Rockies were playing worse baseball during their visit to Chavez Ravine. The Giants will certainly at the end of it all, finish last in the NL West. I think we are a better team overall than the Padres. The Rockies can make up for last week in LA tomorrow night against the Dodgers at Coors Field. Note to fans….bring a jacket!

On a lighter notes of sorts, if the current standings in the NL West were left up to readers of Sports Illustrated, the Rockies would be in first place at least according to a poll SI had in March ranking the major league ballparks. The Rockies overall ranking was 7th, highest of any of the NL West teams. Padres finished 11th, Giants 17th, Dodgers, 22nd and D-Backs 27th. SI ranked the ballparks using 10 different categories. The Rockies best category was “Traffic” where they finished 2nd. The worst ranking was in “Fan IQ” where they finished 24th. What?! Other categories the Rox did well in were “Neighborhood” (3rd), “Team Quality” and “Affordability” were both ranked 6th. The not so well categories were, “Tradition” (22nd) and “Promotions” (21st). See the entire results of survey below.

Tomorrow night it’s Brad Penny (4-2) against Jeff Francis (0-2).


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