blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…


Well the Cubs win streak is now at 6 games, while the Rockies losing streak is at 4 games. Clearly the pitching has not caught up with the hitting for the Rockies. For the second night Manny Corpas blows the save opportunity and the Rox have to again play from behind in the extra frame. The pitching staff is missing pitching coach Bob Apodaca who is away from the team on personal or family matters.

The starting pitching settles down after a couple of innings, but the bullpen doesnt seem to be able to close out a game. A fan last night posed a question about Kip Wells and whether you try him at closer for a game or two, since Corpas is having troubles. If you know how Clint Hurdle thinks, you know Clint likes for his players to try and play their way out of their slumps, as he’s done in the past. As for Kip Wells(1-1, 2.12), he is technically a starter, who is in a set up reliever’s role and doing a pretty good job of it currently, despite taking the loss in last night’s game.

I think the case could be made that if Corpas continues to struggle, you have to go to Fuentes as a closer for a game or two and if that doesnt work then you maybe give Wells a shot to be the closer for a game, but I dont see that scenario (Wells) happening until Vizcaino comes back off the DL, cause right now Wells, Fuentes and Buchholz are your set-up guys. Hurdle knows how to tinker with the team on both sides of the ball and has given them his vote of confidence. The players just need to show him that he’s making the right choices.


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