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Letter to the Rockies Front Office….

Dear Rockies Front Office,

I understand that your wanting the fans to share in celebrating last seasons NL Championship. Maybe it’s your way of making up for last season’s playoff ticket screw up. But and here is the BUT and it’s a big one. Last year was great, awesome even, but…. IT’S OVER! Forget about it and leave it to the fans to remember all that happened last season. Spreading out celebrations over 3 days was the worst idea you’ve had thus far this season. All of it, the pennant unveiling and the ring ceremony all should’ve been done on opening day in front of a packed house. It’s time to stop living in the 2007 season and its accomplishments and move on into the 2008 season and get off of the a better start than the 1-5 you’re currently sitting at. You’ve allowed the players to not focus on this season, though we’re only a week into it, but face it you got not only swept by the Diamondbacks you got beat badly in each game. Sloppy play in the field, and 5 of your starters are currently, batting .200 or less, inclding Holliday and Tulowitzki. Sure there’s 156 games to go, but if you believe that you’re going to pull off another 21 out of 22 like you did last season then you’re kidding yourselves. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but why put yourselves in the position to go down to the wire to make the playoffs? So for the love of the players and the coaches on this team, please if you have anymore celebrations about last season, keep them to yourselves or just forget about them and let this team focus on this season and not last.

A Fan


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