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Get a life, you moron!

Antifeminist and moron, Stephen Horner really needs to get a life. His current and ongoing suit against the Rockies for gender discrimination because he wasnt handed a voucher during Ladies Night promotion at the Coors Field that offered tickets to an upcoming game is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe his mommy didnt love him enough as a child or he got shot down when trying to pick up one of the many women that attend Ladies Nights at the ballpark.

So do the Nuggets and Avalanche stop promoting “guys nights out” at the Pepsi Center of 2 tickets, 2 t-shirts, 2 pizzas and Coors Lights? I would hope not. Or if I were such a nimwit as Mr Horner, maybe myself being a single person should start a lawsuit against the area teams that offer Family Night packages, since I have no family of my own. Do cat owners get upset when baseball teams have a “Paws at the Park” night, where fans are allowed to bring their dogs? Probably, but there’s been no lawsuit, at least to the best of my knowledge. Besides why in the hell would you want to bring a cat anywhere in the first place? My apologies to those cat owners out there.

Clearly Mr Horner is looking for an additional fifteen minutes of fame. He’s on tv again and he’s in the papers this morning and though he probably doesnt read this blog, he’s fortunately being given time here as well. but certainly not to his credit. Really in our overly p-c world, some of us have become way too sensitive about nothing. He really isn’t a fan of the game or the Rockies or such stupidity as this lawsuit wouldnt even exist. Mr Horner, speaking on behalf of the male population out there, “You’re not one of us, so quit pretending that you are!”

Here’s to hoping the Rockies will either appeal this lawsuit or that they maybe tweak the way they will promote Ladies Night, but please dont stop on Mr Horner’s account.


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  1. Anonymous

    Your apology to cats and cat owners is duly noted….

    March 7, 2008 at 12:11 am

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