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Wait A Minute, Mr Postman…

Borrowing from the 1961 hit by the Marvelettes. I was in my local post office (951 20th St) the other evening which I rarely have a reason to go to anyway and I came across these souvenir envelopes that are being sold commemorating the Rockies and their NL Championship and them being in the World Series. Needless to say I left the post office spending more than I had anticipated. I asked the clerk behind the counter and he mentioned that they had them right after the series was over and had sold out, but recently gotten more of them back in. I guess I’ll be going to the post office a little more often from now on. The envelopes are $10 a piece and they do come in the clear plastic covering you see them in. My only gripe with these, especially the NL Champions envelope is that all of the players are not shown, not to mention Clint Hurdle. The back side of the envelope should’ve been used for that, but then the envelopes would’ve cost more, but still it would’ve been worth it in my opinion. Anyway I dont know if this is the only post office that carries these, but I would guess that this may be the only location since it’s the closest post office to Coors Field and is in the same zip code.

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