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The Good Ol’ Days…

Wow! Who says you can never go home again? In the last 24 hours we here in Denver have gotten the news of Peter Forsberg returning to the Avalanche and this morning Adam Foote is also returning. Then the Rockies who must’ve been feeling left out, have to add to it by bringing back Neifi Perez! Perez signed a minor league deal and is at the least added veteran depth for the job at 2nd base. I’m not going to discuss the current suspension Perez is still serving.

While we’re in such a let’s turn back the clock to the glory days mood, let’s have the Nuggets bring back David Thompson, Juwan Howard, Dikembe Mutombo and Voshon Leonard(the Nugs still need an outside shooter). Since Rod Smith is on the retired/reserved list, the Broncos should resign Ed McCaffrey who apparently has “good feet”, cause we keep seeing him in all of those commercials, or how about Craig Morton to play QB again since at times Cutler doesnt seem to be on the same page with his receivers. Better yet, Dan Reeves, cause surely the Broncos are not buying into Shanahan’s coaching as of late. Maybe CU can convince Chauncey Billups to play for them again as Jeff Bzdeliks team has done little to bring any excitement about basketball up in the Boulder Republic.

This not to say that Forsberg or Foote will not be of help to the Avs, cause ticket sales alone will be a boost to the teams bottom line, but what happens on the ice is another story, and I hope they will turn the team around. Note to Nuggets and Avalanche – DEFENSE!
But I do have to question the return of Neifi Perez. Why? Or as teenagers or anyone who texts regularly would say, WTF? Perez was popular in the clubhouse and to fans, but his play wasn’t always so.

So I will take a wait and see attitude, and I hope I am wrong


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