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Finally, it’s been two months since the infamous Mitchell Report on steroids in baseball, and the Rockies own Matt Herges and Glenallen Hill have both released their public apologies. Now see how easy that was? That didnt hurt one bit, did it? I dont know why other players haven’t learned to follow Jason Giambi’s footsteps from a few years back. Giambi was accused, then denied, then later admitted it, then he apologized and all was forgiven, maybe not forgotten, but at least forgiven and he went right back to playing baseball with the Yankees. It will more than likely be the same for Herges and Hill as in some cases it should be, though I still wouldn’t mind seeing an imposed suspension by the league or the team. The Rockies have the chance to set a precedent for the rest of the league, by suspending both Hill and Herges, but that’s not likely to happen. In the age of “What about the children?” it would set at least a good example for them. Again it’s not likely to happen. Maybe it’s punishment enough to have to be called to Washington for a hearing, which is possible in the not too distant future for either of these guys.

Their “poor decisions” as they put it were not poor in any means. Let’s call them what they were at the time, “clever” decisions to enhance and prolong their careers and in turn make more money, so there’s nothing “poor” about it. Stupid, dumb or bad decisions in retrospect would be more like it, but “poor”, is not a term I would use. At the time who could blame them? We all want to have and make more money, provide for our families create better lives for our children etc, be it legally or illegally. We look for that quick fix or shortcut to get what we desire and that is simply what we have here.

All and all, these both Herges and Hill are deserving of the fans forgiveness, though everyone may not be so quick to forgive. They’ve come to terms with their indiscretions and have come clean in admitting their mistakes. We forgive you, not let’s move on and learn something from this and see what we can do to insure that it doesnt happen again.

2 days until pitchers and catchers report…


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