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Prospects and the Windy City….

Baseball America as it does every year about this time lists it’s Top 10 Prospects each Major League organization. The Rockies organization is listed as follows.
1. Franklin Morales -LHP
2. Ian Stweart -3B
3. Dexter Fowler -OF
4. Hector Gomez -SS
5. Greg Reynolds -RHP
6. Casey Weathers -RHP
7. Chris Nelson -SS
8. Brandon Hynick -RHP
9. Pedro Strop -RHP
10. Chaz Roe -RHP
See article

It seems baseball in the windy city of Chicago isn’t interesting enough during the offseason to write about so they must instead write about the Rockies. Tribune writer Phil Rogers has written 2 articles himself on the Rockies in the past week. See articles below.,0,708658.column,0,869569.column


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