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Happy New Year Rockies fans albeit a belated one. And with every new year comes resolutions or changes that we all try to make. Well we here are trying to make changes for the new year and the upcoming season as you may have noticed. You may have noticed a poll question in the upper right-hand corner. We will try to provide a new poll question each week to gauge our readers opinions. We’ve added new baseball related links and visitors information links for those out of town visitors to Denver and Coors Field. We’re taking baby steps at the moment, but there are certainly more things on the way for the site.

While we’re on the subject of changes, the Rockies Class A Rookie team, the Casper Rockies announced a name change back in October. They are now known as the Casper Ghosts, go figure. Wonder where they got that idea from? They’re have been worse name changes in professional sports.

As for other organizational changes, since our last update of roster changes, the Rox have added Kip Wells (1 year contract) to the pitch staff, resigned Mike Redman to a 1 year deal. Signed reliever, Luis Vizcaino from the Yankees to a two year deal to replace LaTroy Hawkins in the bullpen. The Rockies signed 5 minor league free agent contracts, all non-roster invites to spring training. Pitchers Micah Bowie, Chris George, John Koronka, infielder Matt Kata and catcher Mike Rose. And as of today signing pitcher Josh Towers to a 1 year deal to compete for the 5th spot in the rotation or as a long reliever in the bullpen. Though hardly any of these moves are anywhere close to Earth-shattering, I do like the Vizcaino signing and the Kip Wells signing. Wells’ numbers in St Louis were horrible due to poor run support, let’s just hope it’s better for him here than it was in St Louis, and Viz brings that durability and experience that we had in Hawkins, maybe even better. Time will tell what these changes will bring for the upcoming season. The Rockies havent lost any more major pieces since losing Hawkins, Carroll and Matsui earlier this off-season and they’ve replaced Hawk with Vizcaino in the bullpen and the jury’s still out on who will be at 2nd base to start the season.

Grade so far this off-season still: B-


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