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Selig’s actions…or lack thereof

OK Major League Baseball “commissioner” Bud Selig waited until the release of yesterday’s Mithcell report to say that this report is a “call to action.” Well no shit Sherlock. The problem here Mr. Selig is again you’re too late. One has to wonder what Bud Selig has been doing since the investigation was going on. He’s had months now to figure out what the ramifications would be if any, based on the findings of this report and all he can say is that he will handle each on a case by case basis. What?! So we’re going to go through months of press releases on what player got what punishment handed to them and why. Does he really want to drag this out any further, no less into the upcoming baseball season? Bud, the solution should you choose to accept is simple. Cue the Mission Impossible theme music.

Mr Selig’s press conference yesterday following the Mitchell report should’ve have contained immediate suspensions or something for any active players, coaches, etc, later to be amended based on further findings or details. The player’s association right now doesnt have a leg to stand on to fight most anything the commissioner wants to see done. Selig’s reaction to this is like FEMA coming in after Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast and saying, “We should’ve done something about this sooner.”

If Selig wants to “act” he has to hit the teams, players and the league where it hurts the most, the wallet. Do it as he would say for “the integrity of the game.” In order to control the problem he has to make everyone within the league responsible. Personally, I think Selig himself should step down, but he does deserve a chance to correct baseball’s image though he himself is part to blame, along with the owners, the players and coaches. Zero tolerance should mean just that. Selig’s legacy will be the steroid issue in baseball and the other side of that legacy will be what he didnt do to stop it. Anything he does now is only in pathetic reaction to the Mitchell report and will be too little too late.


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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, that’s too funny. All of this strict and harsh punishing on the account of hearsay. Very little has been proven, yet you are willing to be judge, jury and executioner based on a single report that lacks any substantial proof. I am very glad that my life is not in your hands.

    December 15, 2007 at 6:06 pm

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