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Got Tix?

Ok, so the Rockies dropped the ball on their handling of tickets for games 3, 4, and 5 of the World Series. First there was the lottery to be at the ticket windows and the Rockeis Dugout stores. Then that idea was changed to only online sales of tickets. well we know the disaster there on the first day of the server going down to a malicious attack of some kind. Yeah right. The only malicious attack was their inability to understand what they were about to get themselves into and that because they were able to handle the sales of NLDS and NLCS tickets without a problem they failed to realize that World Series tickets are a totally different ballgame, that involves the entire country trying to get their hands on a pair of tickets for whatever reason, whether it’s to actually attend the game or reselling them to make a profit.

Sure there are alot of angry “people” who weren’t able to get tickets and there will probably be a lawsuit of some sort against the Rockies because of how they handled or mishandled the selling of World Series tickets. But notice I said angry “people” and not angry fans. There were plenty of angry fans who were not able to get tickets yesterday, and there were those angry “people” who also didnt get tickets. But these “people” are the ones who havent been to a Rockies games since ’93, if at all and only want to be a part of the scene so they can say “I was there when…” and proclaim their “undying love for the Rockies” and how they’ve been fans “since day one”, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, whatever. And now today those “people” who didnt get tickets are now pissed at the Rockies, and all they know about the Rockies being in the World Series is what they’ve seen and heard over the past 8 or 9 days since the Rockies beat the D’Backs to get in. I’ve overheard (more than once) one person in my office who doesnt like baseball, complaining over how the Rockies now suck and has become a Bronco fan now instead, all because they weren’t able to get tickets. As I’ve said before there is plenty of room on the bandwagon. And we all cant get into Coors Field to watch it in person, watch it at home with your friends, or at your favorite sportsbar or watering hole instead. It’s a great and exciting time to be a sports fan in Denver, whether you like the Rockies or not.

Something to think about…..

Former New York City Mayor and current Republican Presidential candidate, Rudolph Giuliani a couple of days ago proclaimed that he is pulling for the Red Sox in the World Series. Huh?! How does a New Yorker proclaim his “loyalty” to the enemy all of a sudden? Is this the latest scheme in politics to win over votes by claiming an allegiance to a particular sports team? What does Giuliani hope to gain? Is he hoping that because the Red Sox are red, the color of the Republican party that he may sway a few more votes his way? Does he not remember that in both the 2000 and the 2004 Presidential elections that both New York and Massachusetts were both blue states along with most of the New England part of the country? He probably assured himself more lost votes than anything, no matter Democrat or Republican, just on his sudden allegiance to the Red Sox alone no matter how temporary it may be. Hillary Clinton was in town yesterday, why wasn’t she wearing a Rockies cap or jacket? Are we going to see Barack Obama or John McCain decked out in Red Sox or Rockies gear over the next week of World Series play? I certainly hope not, though let’s not be surprised when it happens. Is there going to be universal health care for all Americans, but only if the Rockies win the series? Will there be an end to illegal immigration but only if the Red Sox win the series? Will your taxes be lower depending on number of runs scored by the Rockies in game 3? There’s already enough politics in the sports today that we dont need any candidate declaring his or her love for one team, just for a little extra TV time or for a few more votes.


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  1. Anonymous

    Did you ever think that maybe he (Giuliani) is just an American League fan? Maybe it has nothing to do with politics.

    October 24, 2007 at 6:41 pm

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