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With all respects to the world of science and animals, I am not a scientist or veterinarian in any form or shape, but I’ve watched enough animal shows and documentaries over the years to use what little knowledge I have about the animal world to write this.

As most of us know if not all of us, venomous snakes such as the rattlesnakes, diamondbacks or the copperheads to name a few are immune to their own venom. And their venoms are used in creating anti-venoms. The one exception to that rule would be the Arizona Diamondbacks, whose ‘venom’ throughout the season allowed them to lead the division for a good part of the season and eventually win the NL West. Well now as of the last 3 games that ‘venom’ has seemed to poison or work against the D’Backs. They’ve been outscored 12-4 so far in the 3 games, Valverde, the over-emotional closer for the D’Backs who lead the league in saves with 47 has only been seen once so far in the series. And the overconfident and sometimes wreckless Eric Byrnes hasn’t done his part at the plate or in the field to back up his claims.

The Rockies on the other hand have become the ‘anti-venom’ to the D’Backs venom. Pitching has been extraordinary and the defense has been phenomenal to say the least. But what has separated this team more than anything throughout the playoffs and the 2 weeks prior is the patience. Some would say confidence, but they wouldn’t be a major league baseball players if they weren’t confident. It’s the patience, at the plate and in the field and just throughout any game. They wait for the opposition to make that mistake and then they capitalize. Or in case and point of last night’s soaker of a game. Numerous times they got the lead off man aboard and couldn’t get him home to score and we as fans sometimes if not most of the time’s get frustrated and yell or scream at the TV, radio or at the game if were’re so lucky to be there. And the players themselves get frustrated, but it doesn’t affect how they’ve played the game thus far. You see them in the locker room and it’s been referred to as being “businesslike” and they’re “taking one game at a time”, that my friends is called patience. Patience has been the key, and from what I’ve seen, will continue to be the key to their success. It’s on the field, it’s in the dugout, the bullpen and also in the clubhouse. See ya in the World Series.


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