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A few days rest, now back to the diamond…

Well let’s see the last time we were here the Rockies had taken 2 from the Phillies in Philly, and came home to finish the job by sweeping the Phils in three games to move on to the NLCS. A quick recap of what’s been happening since then. The Broncos forgot how to play football last Sunday as they got pummeled by the Chargers 41-3 at home in front of an estimated 15000 fans by the start of the 4th quarter. The Avs have been hot to start the season and Paul Stastny is showing no signs of slowing down in his second season with 4 goals and 8 points in 3 games so far. Denver police yesterday arrested a man for scalping NLCS tickets (58 total) for three times the cost right outside of the Coors Field ticket office, with hopes of making 14000 in profit according to a spreadsheet the suspect had on him. Talk about dumb. Willy Taveras has been added to the NLCS roster for the Rockies. Marion Jones admitted to using steroids. What did you expect, she is a Tarheel graduate. Lindsay Lohan refers to her recent stint in rehab as “sobering”. Here’s a newsflash for ya Lindsay, “That’s why they call it rehab”. Alex, I’ll take “Overpaid Young Hollywood Stars with No Brains or Common Sense for $400.” And somewhere in North Carolina there’s been a Vinny Testaverde sighting as he will start this Sunday for the Carolina Panthers in his 45th season in the NFL. It’s great to see that we’ve had plenty to keep us busy before tonight’s game in Arizona.

Speaking of tonight’s game both the Rox and D’Backs have had some days off to rest and should be more than ready to get the series started in the best of 7. Francis vs Webb on the hill tonight and this game early on may be one where the pitching dominates. Webb was the last pitcher to beat the Rox in the last 18 games.

As of last evening, it was reported that tonights game still had around 4000 tickets available and Friday’s game about 2500. What not anymore room to fit any extra walkers for retirees at Chase Field? Maybe it’s not as important this time around to D’Backs fans since they already have a World Series title, while the Rockies are trying to get to their first World Series. It will be fun to watch. Keep your fingers crossed that the Rockies will break the curse of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week.

Another item that happened earlier this week while the Rockies were home resting before today’s game, was Monday night at 9:28pm at the Jenny’s Market Conoco station on Park Ave West, I witnessed a certain homeless man who frequents this location often, was standing a few feet from behind a black Cadillac Escalade waiting to ask the driver for some spare change, as this is his usual routine. As I made my way through the parking lot I noticed the driver to be Matt Holliday. Holliday reached into his vehicle and proceeded to give the man a bill of some denomination and the man went on his way. I dont know if the homeless man knew who he was approaching or not. Maybe he did. Holliday could’ve told him no or been a jerk like so many of today’s athletes do like it’s second nature. Whether it was a one dollar bill or a twenty dollar bill, or even a hundred dollar bill, to me having been a witness to this transaction that clearly Matt Holliday is more than just an MVP candidate, and a 2 time NL all-star, he is what most of us always forget when it comes to our star athletes, he is human.

Rockies take game 1 tonight 4-3


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