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A minor setback, now time for recovery…

Billy Joel’s song “Pressure” best describes tonight’s game against the Diamondbacks. 50000 hearts fell at 20th and Blake as Kaz Matsui struck out ending the Rockies current 11 games winning streak. Though not totally out of it, I’m sure the Rockies know what they need to do, as they’ve known for the past 2 weeks…win! For most of the season the Rockies have been able to bounce back after a tough loss, and tonight should be no different. Sure Francis struggled last night, but he’s done that a handful of times at Coors Field. It’s too bad they couldn’t have played last night’s game on the road. From the outcome of the past roadtrip things would’ve turned out certainly in the Rockies favor. And maybe that was it last night. Maybe the Rockies got a little too comfortable being back at home, in front of their crowd and while on the road slaughtering everything in sight without hardly any recognizable fan support in Los Angeles or San Diego. I’m also sure that after last night’s game the Rox will be more ready to do their part knowing that 50000 fans can’t win the game for them, that they and only they must do it themselves. Sure the fans can bring great atmosphere and give the players life and energy, but only the 9 guys on the field can put a “W” in the win column and added pressure on the Padres and Mets. Tonight should be no less exciting as last night was for any fan or staff worker at Coors Field. It’s not over ’til the fat lady sings.


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