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Decisions, Decisions…

The next couple of weeks are basically going to come down to decisions. Decisions on whether or not this team wants to really make it to the post season. Decisions on whether or not Clint Hurdle will stop tinkering with a different starting lineup almost every night. Decisions like the one Hurdle made last night on not allowing Taylor Buchholz to pitch more than 2 scoreless innings, when starter Ubaldo Jimenez went 3 innings and gave up 5 runs, then to only have follow-up reliever Morillo come in and really stink up the place pitching two thirds of an inning and giving up 4 runs. I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it, “PUT BUCHHOLZ BACK IN THE STARTING ROTATION BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!” I think Hurdle forgot that this kid was once a starter earlier this year who pitched pretty well until he ran into some trouble. But he’s still more effective than Morales, who is on the hill today. Morales despite his last start and getting the win is clearly not ready to pitch in the big leagues. But leave it to Hurdle to leave a struggling pitcher in the game or the rotation to “pitch himself out of it”, as we’ve so often heard Hurdle say many times this season.

I am certain that the players on this team want to make it to the post season, but their play at the plate, in the field, and on the basepaths overall is clearly not making it look that way. And what is it with Florida teams that come to Coors Field this season? They can sweep both new York teams, but they can’t win either series against the Devil Rays, losing 2 of 3 earlier in the season and after last night’s loss, they’ve now lost the series against the Marlins.

The team needs to decide today that they are going to win against the Marlins and win 4 against the Dodgers next week. Even the Duke University football team decided to stop Northwestern University on their final drive of the game to win their first victory in over 2 years 20-14! Should the Rox not make it to the post season then the decisions in this upcoming off-season will be something to keep an eye on.

Many people in this city have a decision to make, and I know most have long already made their decision. And that is Broncos or Rockies? Since the Broncos home opener today, there will be many empty seats at Coors Field today, more than usual with the Broncos game starting today at 2pm and the Rockies starting at 1pm. Well I was planning on being at Coors Field this afternoon, but a late invite has since swayed my decision and I will be at Invesco this afternoon cheering on the Broncos to beat the Raiders! It’s all about decisions. Let’s hope like last Sunday that both home teams can win on the same day.


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