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Ok, we’re offering apologies for not having been blogging lately. But we’re back with a renewed spirit after the Labor Day weekend. A quick recap. The Giants avoided being swept by the Rockies Wednesday night winning 5-3. Bonds hit #762 in the 1st inning, and the Rockies were pretty much held in check until late in the game similar to Tuesday’s game which resulted in a Rockies win.

The day off gave the Rox a chance to prepare for the Padres, who came into Coors Field 3-3 in their last 6 games. Well last night the Rox showed that they were ready to play with the big boys of the division the past two seasons by pounding the padres 10-4, though only to an announced crowd of just over 27000, which looked more like 21000 to me. We wont go into baseball attendance policies anytime soon. But we will say this. Rockies fans who were not in attendance at last night’s game should be ashamed. Here you have a team in the middle of a wildcard race as well as a pennant race in their division and we cant get at least 30-35 thousand butts in the seats! If you’re not a Rockies fan for whatever reason, don’t worry there is plenty of room onboard the bandwagon! I know I know football season is here and everyone in this city want to focus on the Broncos. That’s great, but the Broncos play on Sunday and not last night or tonight. So unless you’re studying a playbook for Mike Shanahan for Sunday’s game in Buffalo, you should be at Coors Field watching the Rockies play their guts out for a chance at the playoffs! This only happens once every 12 years ya know.

Sure the pitching staff is being held together with a piece of yarn, especially now the Aaron Cook too has been lost for the season. Francis, and Jimenez are the anchors of the starting rotation. We still say that Taylor Buchholz (listed as day to day, inflammed elbow) needs to go back into the starting rotation and we will keep saying it until Hurdle and Apodaca hear us and act accordingly. The problem continues to be in the starters and not necessarily the relief. Although last night the relief wasn’t much with Serafini on the hill.

These games are bigger than the Yankees series sweep back in June or the trip to Fenway before that where the Rox took 2 of 3. The next week is as crucial as F.E.M.A. needing to aid hurricane victims, or Duke University’s football program needing a win. The Rockies are 5 games out of first in the West and 3 back in the wildcard tied with the Phillies after they lost yesterday to the Marlins. We need at least 2 of 3 against the Padres, some help from the fish in Miami (not the Dolphins) against the Phillies and they need to be able to go to Philly next week and at least come away with a split of the 4 game series. But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. Tonight it’s Francis (15-6, 4.12) and Maddux (11-9, 3.75) on the hill and the Rockies and their fans need to continue to show the Padres and the rest of the division that they’re not going away quietly. And speaking of not going away quietly. Last night there was a group of fans just left of center field chanting, “M.V.P. Holliday”. That’s certainly a good sign to see and hear from the fans, that they have acknowledged what their 2 time all-star left fielder is doing this season. If you havent done it already please vote for Matt Holliday who is a candidate for the Roberto Clemente Award for community service. It’s funny how we never hear these stories on or in the media in this town.
And also the Hank Aaron Award for best offensive player.

We’ve placed our votes, have you?


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