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If it ain’t broke, dont fix it…But this needs fixing

Let’s go out on a limb here are say that the Rockies are in trouble. Ok so not much of a limb to go out on, but bare with us. The Rox lose 3 of 4 to the Pirates. Part of the trouble is the names that are currently on the disabled list. The other part is the makeshift pitching staff as of late, and the final pieces of the equation are the front office who didn’t make a trade for a quality starter before the deadline and manager Clint Hurdle’s skills managing Wednesday night’s game. The front office has done little, bordering on almost nothing to help bolster the bullpen and the starting rotation. Adding Dessens and Ortiz isn’t much of a bolster to either, but we’ll give the front office credit for trying.

Clint Hurdle is apparently back in spring training and early season mode with the way he handled Wednesday’s game by allowing Josh Fogg to “pitch himself out of trouble” as Hurdle so often has said this season, by waiting until Fogg gave up his 4th homer in 4 innings, 2 to Nate McClouth. Fogg is done, and way overrated by the coaching staff in our opinion and somewhere Byung Hyun Kim is smiling as you may recall these two battled for the 5th spot in the rotation during spring training. Move Buckholz back into the rotation, who can’t seem to do any worse and Fogg to the bullpen. The problem is in the starting rotation and not the bullpen. There’s also too much tinkering in the starting lineups in our opinion, so that throw the idea of consistency out the window. This is not Tucson and spring training, this is a playoff race, which this team is definitely still in and Hurdle and the front office need to act like it.

Let’s borrow something we saw in the sports section of the website the other day that said, “Are you a glass half full fan or a glass half empty fan?” We would say that after the way this homestand has started out that most people in this town anyway are “half empty” fans. There are those who are definitely “half full fans” though and I know and have met alot of them. I too am one of them. I certainly believe this team can still get into the playoffs and it hurts me to no end to see this team play the way they’ve played 3 of the last 4 games. Hurdle has done a good job up to this point but too much tinkering to the lineup and not enough to the starting pitching is hurting this team really bad right now.

The Nationals are next up for the Rockies, we’re not going to even try to figure out where this team or this next series is headed.

We meant to do this sooner in the month but here are our birthday wishes for August to…

Geronimo Gil 8/7
Brian Fuentes 8/9
Cory Sullivan 8/20
Todd Helton 8/20


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