blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…

Needed…medical attention

Ok, is it me or does it seem like the Rockies front office and coaching staff have reverted back to spring training mode? And if so then someone had better call in Dr. McDreamy, Dr. Meredith Grey and the rest of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy to administer some medical help to the DL, shock some sense back into the front office and save the season, cause the Rockies right now are on life support!

The DL is as follows. Aaron Cook, Willy Taveras, Sean Barker, Jeff Baker, Rodrigo Lopez (60 and done for the season), Jason Hirsh, Zach McClellan (60) and Edwin Bellorin. Since then the Rockies have acquired Ramon Ortiz, Elmer Dessens and are calling up 3 game starter from Triple A, Frank Morales to start tonight’s game. Are you kidding me? Dessens I can see being put in the rotation, Ortiz I dont know a whole lot about so I cant really question his part out of the bullpen. Morales is supposed to have stuff like Ubaldo Jimenez, whether that’s good or bad, we’ll know after tonight’s game. Right now it looks as if the Rockies brass are filling the leaks in the pitching staff with tissue paper and not anything more solid. Which in turn means the Rockies bats will have do the majority of the work in order to keep them in most games.

The Rox are currently in 4th place in the division and half a game behind the Dodgers and 7 games out of 1st. We’re not saying to jump ship now, that’s not what we would do anyway, but at least get the life jackets ready. Besides there’s too much baseball yet to be played and anything in this division can happen as it has most ofo the year. Let’s hope Morales can get the Rockies back on track with a fine pitching performance tonight and Francis starting tomorrow.


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