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A Split Decision and the Future…

The Rockies are off today and travel to San Diego for 3 and then to LA for 3 more in what will be another crucial week for them in the NL West division. The Rox came away with a split of the 4 game series with the Cubs after what started out to look like the Rockies were back playing little league baseball after the first two games. The third game was the only sellout of the series, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday all had 40000 plus in attendance.

For anyone paying close attention, Saturday night the Rockies front office and coaching staff showcased their 2008 starting lineup on the field. Todd Helton did not play. Jeff Baker who started 1st base the night before didnt play either. Instead it was Garrett Atkins at first and recent call-up and hot prospect Ian Stewart was at third. No need to fear yet Rockies fans, I’m not saying Todd is leaving because certainly he holds the power to veto any trade attempt made by the Rockies. But it’s been more than clear that they want to move Todd, though they’ve never come out and said it point blank. So much for loyalty.

Helton’s not leaving, because the Rox had their chance during spring training this year and couldnt get it done with the Red Sox. The only way I could see Helton leaving is if he gets frustrated with the bozos in the front office while they continue to try and “quietly” shop him around the league to other teams during the upcoming off season. There’s no way Todd will come out looking like the bad guy in this situation should this happen, because the front office has played that role for a long time already.

Unexpected sightings from the weekend.

Clint Barmes in centerfield 9th inning Saturday night and starting CF Sunday afternoon. WHAT?
Tim Harikkala who was the starting pitcher Sunday for the Rockies. His first start since 2005.
Ian Stewart starting at 3rd base Saturday night, Garrett Atkins at 1st base.


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