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Bad News Bears (Rockies)

After pounding the Brewers Wednesday afternoon 19-4 the Rockies got their asses handed back to them last night 10-2 by the Cubs. If you read the previous update it was mentioned that Rockies starter Ubaldo Jimenez only needed to be at the least effective for the Rockies to have a chance to win. Effective he was not. Jimenez left in the third inning with 61 pitches and no outs. The Bears, uh I mean Rockies played as if they had their gloves on the wrong hands, commiting 2 costly errors, though there were more errors on the field than what the scoreboard showed. The bats they swung were of the whiffle variety and not wood. It’s like Walter Matthau i.e. Clint Hurdle, put a lineup on the field of first time players, at least they played as if they never had seen a baseball before. I understand resting your players after the beating you served up to Milwaukee, but there was no way with the lineup on the field last night that the Rockies were going to match the Cubs in the hitting department with Jimenez on the mound. That’s why I said Jimienez only needed to be ‘effective’ for the Rox to win. I didnt realize they were going to start a Triple A team last night.

Yes there was a Clint Barmes sighting last night as well, who went 0-2 pinch-hitting for Tulowitzki. Why do we need a log jam at the infield position? Barmes, who I didnt think we’d see in Denver again with the interest from Detroit and Minnesota before the trade deadline is not really needed on the roster at this point. Jamey Carroll though batting only .230 has at times been a spark plug for the team at key times. Carroll, Tulo, Matsui, and now Barmes? Until Barmes can prove again he can hit big league pitching, he shouldn’t be on the roster in Denver and if he continue to hit like he did last night, the Rockies really lost their chance 2 weeks ago to lighten the load in the infield for the left-handed reliever I still believe they need in the bullpen. Tonight’s lineup should resemble more of what Rockies fans are used to this season.

Though the game itself was none too exciting for Rockies fans, there was at least some fun around the ballpark last evening, though none of it was on the field or in the dugout. I dont know if there was a full moon out last night or what, but there were some characters out on the left field concourse. A woman in silk pajamas and huge rollers in her head, a snowman who looked as if he had been thawed a few times over he was so skinny, and a man in an inflatable ballerina costume. Fans certainly had their share of fun with these characters, more fun than what was on the field anyway.


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