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The day after…

The tradeline passes and NOTHING! This is the difference between the Rockies and other teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and other contenders year after year. What did the Rockies have to lose in making a move to better the team for the next two months when you’re in contention to win the NL West? Your farm system has been consistent in producing outstanding home grown talent and losing one of two players will not hurt the farm system or the organization. The Rockies alone had 5 players in the top 50 out of 100 prospects for 2007 listed by Baseball America back in February.

Are they telling the fans that what we have now on the field and with a little luck and hope that is enough to win the division or at least a wild card with? I hope Dan O’Dowd and company are right by doing nothing. It was reported today in the Rocky and the Post that the Rockies did some shopping but that nothing tweaked their interests. Is it that, or did the Monforts and O’Dowd hold tighter to their wallets so as to avoid a potential future mistake? NEWSFLASH front office…..YOU’RE IN A DIVISION RACE!!! DO SOMETHING TO WIN IT!!! I’m not one to say that the current team is not capable to continue to make some waves within the division, because certainly they are. But you have to and I repeat HAVE TO make a move to solidify your team in the event of a freak accident or injury to any player not only a key player to keep your momentum going and team chemistry in tact! I know there is still hope because moves can still be made to better this team, but they will certainly not be any of major significance like before the past deadline yesterday. This years Rockies team is a very good team all around and have been most of the season except April and the first half of May. I have faith that this team will continue to make noise, fans will continue to come out to Coors Field and the Broncos won’t be the only team we hear about on the evening newscasts as camp has started and with preseason games right around the corner. Let’s hope the Rockies dont falter just yet and that the front office can make a move somewhere down the line to help make this team better heading into the last two months of the season. A little bit of that Lodo Magic is all we ask for.


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