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Road trip starts as trade deadline nears…

Well let’s see the Rockies are off today and are in Florida for a 3 games series against the Marlins. The trade deadline is less than 24 hours away, and the Rox just finished off the Dodgers yesterday by taking 2 of 3 from the weekend series and are currently 3 1/2 games out of first place in the NL West. Also earlier today it was announced that Rockies Matt Holliday was named NL Player of the Week.

As for the trade deadline earlier in the week there were rumors on about the Red Sox still interested in Todd Helton, something that I dont see happening, mainly because Helton can veto any trade and he’s finally getting the chance to do with this team what he’s always wanted to do and that’s a chance to play in the post season, which seems to be very likely with the way the Rox have been playing since mid-May. There was also mention of Fuentes being moved. It’s not gonna happen and it’s not a good idea in my opinion even if he were healthy. Fuentes is the heart and soul of the bullpen. Sure he went through a horrid four game stretch before the all-star break losing 4 games on what ended up being a 1-9 road trip, not all of which should be blamed on Fuentes. He’s your closer and when he gets off the DL, he will re-establish his place as the chief closer on this team. Corpas is doing a helluva job filling in as closer during his absence. The most recent rumors floating around are of the Detroit Tigers taking a look at Rockies prospects down in the Springs. Clint Barmes looks to be the name that is mostly being heard and also mentions of Ian Stewart and Joe Koshansky. Well it’s obvious that all three names mentioned in the rumor mill will not be moved at least not before tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind seeing Barmes moved, who has certainly bounced back from a terrible season last year between Denver and AAA Colorado Springs. Any move if made by the Rockies front office had better be for a veteran reliever. We currently have one in LaTroy Hawkins, but let’s just say we haven’t gotten our money’s worth from that deal, but he does provide leadership in the bullpen and experience so we won’t write him totally off just yet. A good left handed veteran reliever to use as a set up man would be on my wish list if I were Dan O’Dowd. Don’t overthink this Dan! Bobby Seay (0-0, 3.18, 18 strikeouts in 28.1 innings) from the Tigers would be a good ft, but that would maybe mean giving up maybe more than Clint Barmes, which the Rockies can afford to do. Another possibility could be Vic Darensbourg (5-2, 1.85) from the Tigers triple A Toledo Mudhens. In 41 appearances Vic has struck out 34 in 43.2 innings. It may not do much for the Rockies faithful for either of these trades to happen but with Jeremy Affeldt being the only left-handed reliever in the bullpen, the Rockies sorely can use the experience of another lefty and not have to give up alot in return. There will always be the remaining t-shirts and pennants of Clint Barmes to remember him by in the Rockies Diamond Dry Goods store.

The Rockies go against the Marlins for 3 games then head to Atlanta for 3 more. They need to come home with no less than a 3-3 record before taking on Milwaukee and Chicago next week at Coors Field. Aaron Cook (7-6, 4.22) was more than masterful in his last start (a complete game in only 74 pitches) needs to be just as good against tough hitters Miguel Cabrera (.337, 25, 77) and Hanley Ramirez (.342, 17, 50). Luckily with today being an off day the Rockies will not have to face Dontrell Willis but they may have to face him when the Marlins come to Coors Field in mid-September. Still too far off right now to have to worry about. Neither the Marlins or the braves are going to roll over for the Rockies as they’re both still fighting to stay alive in the NL East. I hope the Rockies come home 4-2 or 5-1, but 3-3 will be fine if they can get some help from other teams against the D’Backs, Padres, and Dodgers in their division. The D’Backs face the padres in San Diego and the Dodgers are home to face the Giants. Keep an eye on the scoreboard the first part of the week, there may be little movement in where the top 4 teams may go, only some shuffling.

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