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Let’s play two…or not!

What ever happened to basbeall double headers? When the rain would cancel the game and you were excited for the next day when you knew there’d be a double header. Or how about when there were actually scheduled double headers? Well last evening waiting out the rain at Coors Field which began shortly after 5pm got me thinking about whether or not they would try to play two on Saturday. What would it be like to have 2 games in a single day at Coors Field? Would it bring back the only memory I’ve had personally of seeing a double header at Shea Stadium? For most fans nowadays those types of memories wouldn’t be there. For one the game is different today than it was 25-30 years ago, when the game was more popular and double headers were a blessed event in baseball. Nowadays the players would bitch and complain along with the player’s union. God forbid Barry Bonds would play twice in the same day, though he might in order for the chance to break Hank Aaron’s homerun record, especially if the doubleheaders were in San Francisco. Bud Selig would rather the teams make it up later in the year if the schedule permits it. So much for our lame “commissioner”. In these days of overrated pitch counts, enormous non worthy contracts, and made-up stats that dont have any relevance to baseball, the game should maybe take a step back and maybe think about scheduling a double header once in a while. Bring back some of the older days of baseball, when you could hear Vin Scully on television calling the Saturday afternoon game of the week, which in my case usually meant the Dodgers were on the tube, and not YouTube either! Nowadays with television rights and contracts, the possibilities of seeing scheduled doubleheaders are nearly null and void. I would love to see this played out in some of the larger markets and the historically sound baseball markets. St. Louis, New York, Boston, Chicago and see how it goes. It maybe wouldn’t be like it was 30 years ago but I’d bet Bud Selig’s paycheck that it’d be close to how it was in those days.

Coors Field could stand a little bit of nostalgic baseball between it’s foul poles. Right now the only “nostalgia” that can be had is the memories of the Blake Street Bombers and in 1993 when the team first started in the National League and 1995 when they made the wildcard. Not a whole lot to reflect on for baseball nostalgia. I say let’s schedule a double header and maybe throw in a ‘Turn Back the Clock Night’ and have the players wear old Denver Bears uniforms. Sure the game isn’t what it used to be, but it doesnt mean we can’t go back in our own minds and think of the better days and summers of baseball.


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