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Bring On the Dodgers!!!

Tonight begins the second half of what I’ve called a critical week for the Rockies within their division and their quest for a division title and a post season playoff spot. Unfortunately for myself I wasn’t able to be at the game. Some of us do have regular jobs you know. But it looks like that hot streak I mentioned the Rockies needed to get on may have started yesterday afternoon as they took care of the Padres 10-2. Now the word ‘streak’ means more than 1, and more than 2 in most cases, so they will need to keep that kind of momentum as they face Brad Penny (12-1, 2.42) and the Dodgers tonight through the weekend. Rodrigo Lopez (5-3, 4.46) will get the start for the Rockies tonight and depending on which Lopez shows up this could turn out to be a really interesting pitching matchup. I dont expect the Rockies to score a ton of runs against Penny tonight, but no one in Major League Baseball expected them to sweep the Yankees this year or to be in the position there are in currently, in the standings of the NL West. So with that being said expect a low scoring game from the Rox, but at the same time dont be surprised if Holliday or Hawpe get a high fastball and take it 430′ over the fence in left center. A sweep would be nice, but I will take 3 of 4 to make up some ground.


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