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Geno’s or Pat’s???

“Yo Adrian!” Now I’ve been to Philly many times over and I’ve never had a steak from Geno’s or Pat’s , but I’ve had plenty from other not so well known places in Philly and to me there is without a doubt no better cheesesteak in the world than those from the gritty, hard nosed streets of Philadelphia. The “Denver Cheesesteak” as it called here at Coors Field is “ok” at best, but it aint a Philly steak! Shouts out to my family back in West Philly! No doubt Phillies fans came into Coors Field with some high expectations as witnessed from this group of Phillies fans hamming it up for the left field camera before game time. I dont know if they made it on tv or not, but I’m sure they werent too happy with last night’s final results.

Jeff Francis spotted the Phils a 3 run lead in the first inning and to me it looked like we were going to see the Jeff Francis of the World Baseball Classic from last year. Francis had already thrown 48 pitches by the end of the 2nd
inning. Rockies fans who follow Francis closely know that it usually takes him and inning or two to get settled most of the time and though scary through the first two innings he did “settle down” leaving the game in the 5th having thrown 106 pitches, 68 for strikes.

I spoke to a fan last night from Maryland who was said, “I have the Orioles and the Nationals to deal with so the Phillies are the next best thing for me.” Who can fault him? I overheard another fan from Jersey talk of his boring ride through Kansas on a bus to get here. I’ve got a question… Who in the hell takes a Greyhound bus from Jersey to Denver for a Phillies game?! Talk about a dedicated fan or one lonely individual. That guy is in serious need of some friends.

Last night’s 4 hour, 9 minute, 11 inning game had to be just as hard for Phillies fans to take as Sixers fans losing Allen Iverson in a trade to the Nuggets, but not quite as hard as losing Terrell Owens who was traded to the Cowboys. The Phils led the entire game until the bottom of the 9th and Rox roght fielder, Brad hawpe tied the game with two outs and a homer off Alfonseca. Torrealba again provided the game winner with a single that scored Garrett Atkins, the winning run in the 11th. The Phils are now 2 games from losing their 10000th game as a franschise, the most by any professional sports franchise in history. Ouch!

Last nights 29000 plus was higher that the Rox average of around 25k which means there is a gained interest in what goes on at 20th and Blake. That is good, but what’s even better is the number of fans that stayed through till the end to see the Rox win 4 in a row. I’m not gonna say that things are looking up at Coors Field, but if (and that’s a BIG if) this team continues to play with the confidence that they have since the middle of May then things will certainly get better between the foul poles at Coors Field. Maybe the next time I’m in Philly I’ll have to make a stop over to East Passyunk Ave and South 9th St and decide for myself on who’s got the better steak, Geno’s or Pat’s. I’ll make sure to let you know which I like better.

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