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Eight is Enough…..

How much more can we as Rockies fans take?!
How much more can the Rockies front office or ownership take?!
How much longer before Bob Apodaca and/or Clint Hurdle are fired?!

Changes need to be made and NOW! This has got to be the worst stretch of baseball played by the Rockies in Rockies history. 8 straight losses! It’s like I watched the same game last night as I did the night before. Hell, even the week before! The only difference in last night’s game and the night before was Biggio’s 3000 career hit.

I will say that if Brian Fuentes was going to be selected by coaches to the All-Star game before this road trip, then he certainly will not be chosen after this road trip. I for one dont believe he will make the all-star team this year. Fuentes had his 4th blown save in a row on this road trip in last night’s game. Now granted not all of it is his fault, but when the next morning in the Post or Rocky it reads “L-Fuentes”, Brian has to take some of the blame. I honestly wish there was a stat for wins and losses that could be attributed to the manager and pitching coach, so that the closer doesnt have to take the fall all the time, but that is how it is written and Fuentes has to take the “L”.

I admit Hurdle saved his job during the 20-7 month the Rockies were having which included winning 6 straight series and a sweep of the Yankees. It’s certainly time to take another look closely at either Hurdle or Apodaca and make a change. Apodaca would have to be the first choice, since his handling of the pitching staff has been shaky if anything over the past 3 seasons, even more over the past week. Hurdle has shown some leadership qualities as a manager, so he shouldnt be let go, yet. O’ Dowd’s not going anywhere and you cant just trade away players. Besdies we’d be right back to the ground floor of another rebuilding and Rockies fans aren’t going for that again. So to shake up the team’s infrastructure a bit, I say you start with the pitching coach. Let’s hope the bleeding stops with a win tonight.


One response

  1. Danny from Redstown

    Shocker… Fuentes made it.

    July 1, 2007 at 10:46 pm

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