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3000 hits and another loss

I had to take a couple of days off from the blog since it seems like the Rockies pitching staff has taken a few days off as well. First of all congratulations to Astros lifer, Craig Biggio on reaching the 3000 hit club.

7 straight losses! 3 straight by Brian Fuentes himself. Cook had a better outing this time around, but Hawk and Fuentes didnt. I dont know what in the pitching staff’s Gatorade cooler, but something needs to be fixed and soon. If the pitching continues to go the way it has during this road trip, then Bob Apodaca should be fired. How many years have we had to put up with his poor handling of the pitching staff. Sure there has been brilliant moments to come from the pitchers, but I dont believe that Apodaca has anything himself to do with it. Or at least I dont feel the need to give him any credit, though he may deserve a little. I will certainly give him credit for the dismal showing of the pitching staff’s last 7 games.

Troy Tulowitzki is again a bright spot on this team and lately continues to come up with clutch hits when the Rox need them. You cant say enough right now about this kid. He’s very sound defensively, the strongest arm of any shortstop that I’ve ever seen, a Howitzer is more like it, and his production at the plate is right up to par with Apple’s production of the new I-Phone (which by the way comes out today).He is in my book certainly a front runner if not the front runner for Rookie of the Year. But and let me say but, I will hold my final judgement until he makes it through an entire season without tripping and injurying himself by carrying a hunk of venison up a flight of stairs (see Clint Barmes from 2 years ago).

If you’ve been reading my last couple of posts I did mention that there mght be trouble on this road trip, after being swept in Toronto, but I was also hopeful the Rox could turn it around before the Cubs series and into the Astros series. Well so far it doesnt look like it’s going to happen. At this point any win would be a welcome change. I hope Rockies fans will let Apodaca know their feelings when they return from the disaster of a road trip.


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