blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…

Prepare for the worst….maybe

Well the Rox took 3 from the Yankees and then gave 3 back to the Toronto Blue Jays. I am hoping this is the wall that all of the media especially here in the city that everyone is wanting them to hit. Let’s be real for a moment. Did anyone with any resemblance of common sense think that they were going to continue on and win like the next 25 games before losing another one? NO! So let’s not get too down on the Rockies right now. Remember the Yankees won 11 of 12 before coming to Coors Field and losing three straight. Every team goes through it, so let’s get over it already! Now if the Rox go on to lose the next 25 of 30 then we can, “I told you so.” Bad hitting, fielding and scheduling can be the blame for what might end up to be a pretty unsightly road trip. After Thursdays win over the Yankees, MLB should’ve scheduled an off day for travel and made the series against Toronto a 2 game instead of 3. The reason I mention this is because the Rox will have played 16 straight games home and away after the July 4th game. it could really UGLY by then, but I’m hoping not. 5 of the next 6 against the Cubs and Astros should be good enough.


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