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Rox fall down… to Stairs and Jays

Matt Stairs went 4-5 with a homerun, 2 RBI’s and 2 runs scored and lead the jays over the Rox 11-6, with the Rox now having lost 2 in a row. I blamed last night’s loss on catcher, Chris Ianetta’s throw to 3rd in the 10th that sailed into left field allowing the Jays to score the winning run. Well this afternoon Ianetta who came into the game in the 5th after Torrealba was ejected, almost ended the afternoon early for the Rox in the 9th inning with what started out to be bad baserunning on his part, but he was able to stop and reverse direction and with no one covering second he was able to slide back in safely. So I will give credit where it is due to Ianetta.

Aaron Cook now 4-5 was inconsistent on the hill today but so was homeplate umpire Gerry Davis in calling balls and strikes. Davis’ strike zone was all over the place and totally inconsistent to where Cook was concerned and it was the reason Torrealba was ejected after striking out in the 5th. Torrealba wasn’t happy with a pitch from Ty Taubenheim that was high and inside but called a strike by Davis, then struck out on the next pitch and as he headed for the dugout was tossed by Davis for something he may have said.

I think today was the most I’ve seen Clint Hurdle out of the dugout between arguing with the homeplate umpire and another time arguing with the first base umpire Brian Gorman, and not to mention having to go to the mound for pitching changes to Aaron Cook in the 5th, and Jorge Julio after 7 pitches also in the 5th.

The only real offensive bright spot today was Troy Tulowitski’s homerun in the 2nd. It looks like things cant go right with Colorado teams in Canada here lately. Back on June 2nd the Colorado Rapids lost to Toronto FC 2-1 and now the Rox have lost 2 in a row again in Toronto to the Jays.

I am hoping the Rox can turn it around tomorrow with Fogg going for his 3rd win in a row before heading off to Chicago.


One response

  1. Danny from Redstown

    So much for momentum…

    June 25, 2007 at 1:23 pm

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