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Chance to win, thrown away

The Rox lost a game they should’ve last night to the Toronto Blue Jays. Chris Ianetta’s errant throw to third base that ended up in left field cost the Rox the game and also ended a 3 game winning streak. So my question is this. Do you keep Ianetta (.206, 1, 12) up at the big league level to start when Torrealba needs a rest, to get him more major league experience? Or do you send him down to AAA Colorado Springs to get some at bats and the chance to raise his confidence and his average at the plate? This kid needs a little more seasoning in my opinion and maybe a couple of weeks in AAA ball will help him. But then do you bring up one of your catcher’s from the Springs? If so, who? Your only choice right now would be Edwin Bellorin (.350, 6, 28). He’s played in 31 games for the SkySox. Alvin Colina who has appeared in 43 games for the SkySox is hitting just .205 in 156 at bats is certainly not the answer.

I got excited in the off season when the Rox signed catcher Javy Lopez. Sure his arm is not what it may have been defensively in throwing out runners, but his bat certainly would’ve been an asset to the team and his mentoring other catchers like Ianetta would’ve proven to also to have been an asset. It’s too bad the Rox front office felt otherwise in letting him go during spring training.

Clearly Torrealba is the guy behind the plate. He played very well against the Yankees this past series and certainly deserved the day off yesterday. But Ianetta’s youthful inexperience in last night game was inexcusable. It’s likely we will see Torreabla back in the lineup this afternoon.


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