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Bronx Bombers… Diffused…and Swept

All is quiet in the Bronx this evening. Even the rats aren’t making any noise. Traffic has come to a stand still, the trains arent running. People are standing in the streets like zombies scratching their heads in amazement, wonder and disbelief. A cabbie with a thick Italian accent asks another man wearing a business suit, “Did you hear what happened?”

An officer asks, “Did anyone witness this crime?”

The local butcher on the corner says, “I can’t believe this happened. It wasnt supposed to be like this.”

A mother with child cries hysterically at the top of her lungs., “No! Not my babies!”

“What’s going on?” a kid on a skateboard asks, as a fire hydrant spills water onto the street.

No one answers. Then suddenly a strong hand is placed on the young kid’s shoulder, and an old sweaty homeless man says, “They got beat, they are no more.”

“WHO?!”, the boy asks, “Who is no more?!” The homeless man replies, “The Yankees. They got swept in Colorado. They are no more. They are no longer feared in baseball.” The skateboarder answers, “You all need to fuhgeddaboutit”, as he turns his Rockies hat from back to front and skates off down the sidewalk.


Who woulda thunk it? Certainy not Yankees fans. They won 11 of their last 12 before coming to Coors Field. Only to get SWEPT! Lots of Yankee faithful filed out of Coors field today hot and bothered about their team. “What went wrong?”, some asked. No heroics from Captain Jeter, no monster homeruns from A-Rod either. There was even a Johnny Damon sighting today more than in the previous 2 games. But that was all it was, a sighting. We probably didnt make believers out of many Red Sox fans when the Rox took 2 of 3 from them at Fenway, but after todays sweep of the Yankees, I know there are alot more believers in up the Northeast. Not just in Beantown, but in the Bronx, in the NY Post, Times, and Daily News. BoSox fans were wanting a sweep of the Yankees and we were able to give it to them. I’ve spent alot of time these last 3 days on Boston message boards and I can tell you that they were definitely believers in our team beating the Yankees and not just because of their hate for ther rivals either. They witnessed themselves what the Rox are capable of offensively. I spoke to Yankees fans over these last few days who were able to admit (believe it or not) that we actually have a pretty good team. We discussed the lineup, the pitching, speed on the bases in Taveras and Matsui and where we would be right now if the NL West werent so tough right now. No doubt about it Yankees fans are very knowledgeable about the game and not just their own team. Sure some can be a little obnoxious, rude and overbearring but that why it’s so much fun to beat them! It’s like the unruly kid that wont listen that has to be put in ‘time out’ to make them behave. When the Yankees lose the way they did these last 3 games, let’s just say that’s a crowded timeout corner to be in.


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  1. Anonymous

    If i learned anything from this years Yankees, theyre soo streaky that they will lose the next 10, or win the next 10. You never know.

    June 22, 2007 at 2:45 am

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