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These are not your older brother’s Rockies

If you havent noticed lately it HOT here in the 5280. The temperature hit almost 100 degrees yesterday and to some the Rox have hit 180 degrees in terms of where this team was in the beginning of this season and seasons prior. And it’s my guess that Steinbrenner or as some Boston fans refer to him as “Uncle Geo” is probably a little more ‘heated’ than both the temperature here in Denver and the Rockies. About the only thing that provided any relief from the heat here in Denver, are the Yankee bats and some of the fans in the first few rows as Jeff Francis pitched a jewel of a game fanning 9 Yanks in 7 innings of work. And who says you cant pitch at altitude? Pettitte in his own right pitched well striking out 4 and it looked like a real pitchers duel through the first 5 innings with both pitchers hurling a shutout. 6th inning, Rox gave up a run and Yankees fans went wild as if they had just won another World Series, it figures. It was really the first time of the night the Yankee fans really started to make some noise. A little less electric in game 2 than Tuesday night’s game 1. Also last night Rockies fans came a little more prepared that the previous night. There was certainly more Rockies gear being worn, there were Rockies tattoos, jerseys and a few more homemade signs. Rockies fans, withthe help of a few Red Sox fans and the one or two Mets fans I saw were certainly more brash in their taunting of the Yankees faithful. Or was it the consumption of overpriced beer that made them more brash? Anyway the Yanks were up 1-0 after Cabrera scored and then came Matt Holliday. He needs a nickname so let’s refer to him as “The Masher”. Matt “The Masher” Holliday, that’ll work! Anyway Holliday launched a shot that would’ve N.A.S.A. proud, 442 feet onto the concourse in left field, giving Jeff Francis the fuel he needed to go one more inning before turning it over to The Hawk, Latroy Hawkins and Jeremy Affeldt. The Rox manufactured 4 more runs in the 7th and as Rockies fans were filing out of Coors Field after the game there were hopeful chants by some of “Swept in Denver!” Bring out the brooms for game 3, but be warned. The last time we were in a position to sweep a team was last Sunday against the D-Rays on a hot afternoon game and it didnt happen. It will be another interesting pitching matchup as Roger Clemens (1-1, 3.65) will face Rodrigo Lopez (3-0, 2.90). Let’s give credit where certainly it is due, Yorvit Torrealba has done a tremendous job in calling these last 2 games against the Yankees oh and uh let’s not forget the homerun on Tuesday night.

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