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This One’s for You Boston!

Going by the number of Yankees merchandise I witnessed last night the Yankees fans certainly outnumbered the Rockies fans, but the chants and cheers for both teams were pretty much the same all around. The major exception being the chorus of boos that rained down on “Stray-Rod” before each at bat. Boston Red Sox fans you would proud to know your fans held their own in terms of making their presence known around Coors Field. This guy walked around Coors Field all evening heckling any and every Yankee fan he came across. Is it me or at first glimpse does this guy look like former Yankee great Don Mattingly? Scary thought I know. Please dont take any offense to that Boston fans. Anyway this guy had even some of Denver’s “finest” in laughs with some of his antics.

Josh Fogg pitched a steady game to win his 3rd of the season. Like I mentioned in my previous post you dont know which Fogg will show up, but the right one did through 7 innings. Mussina also pitched pretty well, but the Yankees bats couldn’t break through with the big hit. Posada up with bases loaded in the 8th, after Jeter and A-Rod both were walked by reliever Manny Corpas, only to hit into a forceout by LaTroy Hawkins who finally in his last few appearances seems to be able to do what the Rox had hoped he would be able to do when they signed him this past off season. The Rox played their brand of baseball as of late, in getting Willy Taveras and Kaz Matsui on base and letting their speed apply pressure on the Yanks .

All and all the atmosphere was indeed electric all night and even more so when Rox closer Brian Fuentes saved his 19th of the season after giving up a double to Hideki Matsui, before shutting down the final three batters. It’s a running joke some of us have that Fuentes isnt doing his job if he doesn’t allow one batter to get on base before closing it out a game.

Yankees fans left disappointed with claims that the Rockies “got lucky” or with “Just wait ’til tomorrow when Pettite takes the hill!”. Whatever. Some Yankees fans even left early during the 7th and 8th innings(what?!). How do you leave early when playing at Coors Field means anything is possible and you’re only down 2 runs?! And you’re supposed to be Yankee fans? Fair weatherers! I overheard one Yankee fan (because they all claim to be “true” Yankees fans) saying, “Look at all these ‘2 hour’ Yankee fans, with their nice new jerseys. They only got their jerseys cause they love hip-hop more than they do the Yankees.” Maybe he’s got a point.

Well Boston after getting home last evening after midnight myself, if you didnt stay up and see the scores, we here in the Mile High City offer you a first of what we hope are 3 gifts of Yankee loses. This first one is for you! Wish you all were here, but know that you are all well represented. Cheers!


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  1. Danny C. from Redstown

    I’m rooting for the sweep as well. The only thing worse than Yankee fans are Red Sox fans. By the way, check out my new favorite site,, which provides visual representations of current standings and every pennant race in baseball history.

    June 20, 2007 at 4:15 pm

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