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Rockies dismiss two from coaching staff…

The Denver Post reports tonight that the Rockies actually fired someone (story here), just not who fans would’ve guessed to be fired more than anyone else within the organization. We all know that Dan O’Dowd should’ve been the first one fired, but within the Rockies front office no one gets fired, they just get reassigned to a new position.

The Rockies dismissed hitting coach Carney Lansford and third base coach Rich Dauer, with possibly more dismissals to come as this offseason already begins to drag on. So let’s see no manager, no hitting coach and no third base coach, and oh yea let’s not forget no pitching coach either. If you’re in the market for a major league job, I will tell you now that you are a fool to want to work for this organization. But there is a fool born every minute.

Jim Tracy resigns from Rockies…

From the “This just in” department (thanks to my buddy Chris for the text alert), Jim Tracy has resigned as manager of the Colorado Rockies. Story here.

Honestly can you blame Tracy? And I say that not because of the teams record and underachieving performance last season, but from the standpoint of that Tracy understands that the Rockies as an organization from upper management to ownership are a joke and that’s being nice about it. So why not forfeit 1.4 million in his last year of his contract and at the same time forfeit himself of the massive migraine headache that O’Dowd, Geivett and the Monforts are.

If you read Mark Kiszla’s article in the Denver Post this morning (here), he hit it right on the head (I cant believe I just agreed with an article written by Kiszla) in saying that Tracy needs to look out for himself and in resigning as manager of the Rockies, I believe that’s exactly what Tracy did. Did he want to leave the team, no. But how can you manage a team when you’ve got O’Dowd and Geivett calling the shots from pitching rotations to pitch counts, etc. Let’s face it, the Rockies have become the Charlotte Bobcats of Major League Baseball. YES I said it!

I wish Tracy the best of luck in his future as we now get to sit back and see how much more of a train wreck this team can become in the offseason.

O’Dowd still in charge…

The Rockies announced earlier today that general manager Dan O’Dowd will be shifting some if his duties to his asst general manager Bill Geivett. Geivett will be handling the day to day operations of the Rockies and O’Dowd will focus on the minor league side and player development. And since the announcement social media has been on fire about the Rockies ownership, the Monforts and management and their lack of ability to do anything right, even firing O’Dowd.

How does a general manager let alone any employee with a work record that O’Dowd has, still manage to keep his job? The Rockies are a bunch of idiots to think the fans cant see the blind loyalty the Monforts, O’Dowd, Apodaca and Tracy have for one another. I’ve said all along that the Monforts and O’Dowd are each sleeping in the same bed with one another and as long as it remains that way, nothing will ever change for this organization and the team is concerned and they will continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

They’re all businessmen and right now business is good despite the second worst record in baseball this season. They’re averaging anywhere from 32-35 thousand fans (though most of them delusional and arent really baseball fans) every night. For example, the Rockies during the most recent series with the Reds averaged 36824 over the 3 game series, with Saturday night having an attendance figure of 42826.

All and all what this “shifting of responsibilities” is a smokescreen and basically means nothing. O’Dowd is still in charge as Geivett still will have to answer to his boss(O’Dowd) and despite Dan “focusing” on the minors and player development(which he is terrible at), he is still in charge of player acquisitions, etc. So spin it how you want Rockies ownership, this fan and a few others that I know and have spoken to arent buying it.

The Monforts arent selling the team and O’Dowd and company dont have the balls to look themselves in the mirror resign their positions. Why should they? Where else can you make money and not have to do anything, but pretend you’re building a ballclub for a fanbase that is made up of many who only attend games for the social aspect anyway and dont care about the club and dont even know what the score is at any point during a game. The hardcore baseball fans at 20th & Blake deserve better. Hell even the players deserve better!

Until that day comes, expect nothing more than the same old tired story year after year at Coors Field.

Oh and while we’re at it, can we get rid of ROOT Sports broadcast team with the exception of Marc Stout and Joel Klatt? The rest are tired and a joke to the broadcasting industry. The fans deserve better here as well.

Rockies crushed by Cards, stay put at trade deadline…

The Rockies days over these last 2 months of the season are barely seen as being on life support. The Rockies were crushed by the Cards 11-6, in an awful start to the game by Jeff Francis, Francis gave up 5 runs in 4 innings of work, 4 of them coming in the first inning alone. Ottavino fared much worse in relief giving up 4 runs in 2.2 innings.

The Rockies offense despite 12 hits, managed only 6 runs, going 3 for 17 with runners in scoring position, as the Cards opened up the game in the later innings, scoring 6 runs between the 6th and 8th innings.

The Rockies fall to 37-64 on the season and as many of you know are headed to 100 loss season. My personal prediction for the season is a record of 55-107.


Surprising the Rockies remained inactive in any trades at the trading deadline yesterday. The rumors of Betancourt and one or two other players possibly being moved turned out to be just that in the end, rumors. Probably the best non-move of the season so far by the Rockies front office.

Rockies pummel Dodgers, extend streak to 5…

The Rockies win streak has now reached 5 games after last night’s 13-3 pounding of the Dodgers. Fowler,, Scutaro, Gonzalez, Cuddyer and Helton each had multiple hits on the night, going a combined 11 for 20 and 5 RBIs. Rockies catcher Wilin Rosario led the team in RBIs with 3, including a 2 run shot in the 6th off Dodgers starter Chris Capuano. The Dodgers didnt help matters any defensively committing 4 errors on the evening.

Dexter Fowler continues swinging a hot bat, going 3 for 5 with 2 RBIs. In the first five games of the current homestand Fowler is 13 for 22(.590) and 8 RBIs, scoring 11 runs. Fowler is now 3rd on the team with 28 RBIs following Gonazlez(45) and Cuddyer(36), second in batting average(.294) and second in homeruns(8) tied with Rosario and Tulowitzki.

The Rockies at 22-29 are a half game behind the D’backs for 3rd place, who lost 7-1 to the Padres last night. Saturday’s probables are Juan Nicasio(2-2, 5.11) for the Rockies against Aaron Harang(3-3, 4.14)

Rockies look to sweep Astros, Tulo on DL?..

I know I shouldnt even begin to say it, because just when you think the Rockies have a chance of sweeping most teams, they end up doing the opposite, especially after putting up 13 runs last night. More times than not after nights of explosive offense they seem to find a way of looking like they’ve never seen a baseball the following game. We’ll see if that’s the case tonight as they look to sweep the Astros and extend their current winning streak to 4 games.

Carlos Gonzalez was everything for the Rockies last night with 3 homeruns, going 4 for 5 with 4 RBIs. Michael Cuddyer lead the offensive charge with a grand slam in the first inning, finishing the night going 1 for 3. Dexter Fowler who continues his hot hitting streak went 2 for 5 on the night with the 3 run homerun in the 6th inning. Fowler is 9 for 14(.643) with 6 RBIs and 7 runs scored in the series so far.

Troy Tulowitzki left the game after an at bat in the 6th inning where he came up limp running to first base. According to Tulo is listed as day to day (aren’t we all?) with a left groin strain.

Tonight’s probables

Jeremy Guthrie (2-3, 5.31) vs Bud Norris(5-1, 3.34)

Memorable Memorial Day for Fowler and the Rockies…

The Rockies played some of their best baseball offensively of the season yesterday sweeping a Memorial Day doubleheader against the Astros. I mean it’s only the Astros, but coming into this series they have a better record (3 games below .500) than the Rockies(12 games below .500). But as with any other sport, good teams beat the teams they’re supposed to beat. Fowler of course had a monstrous day going 7 for 9 in both games with 3 RBIs and the game winning hit in the second game. Pacheco, Tulowitzki, Gonzalez, Fowler and Rosario carried the team in the first game going 12 for 23 with 7 RBIs.

If the Rockies have any hope of making any type of run this season it’s obvious that the offense will have to carry load for this team like they did in the first game yesterday. It can’t just be one or two players to do it night in and night out. Starting pitching is and will continue to be suspect this season and for seasons to come until Alex White, Christian Friedrich and others mature and make progress.

Currently 13 games out in the NL West the Rockies should concentrate on what they are most able to control and that’s playing good baseball as they’ve shown over the last 5 games and keep pace with the D’backs who are only 2.5 games ahead of the Rockies in 3rd then worry about catching the second place Giants.

The Rockies have a well deserved day off today and will continue their series with the Astros on Wednesday with Christian Friedrich(2-1, 5.09) taking the mound against Lucas Harrell(4-3, 3.72) for the Astros.

Rockies report card, so far…

27 games into the 2012 season and the Rockies are exactly what you see on paper, an underachieving, below average team with no direction, passion, not to mention pitching. They’re sloppy defensively, inconsistent offensively, there’s little if any leadership anywhere on this team. And leading by example is a crock of you know what, so dont give me that! Mr Everything, Troy Tulowitzki has been Mr Anything But.

Dont get me started on the general manager! But this report card is about what happens on the field more than what happens off of it, so I will spare Mr O’Dowd, this time.

The stats are prior to Monday night’s game at San Diego.

PITCHING (C-) – We knew the pitching was going to be bad long before spring training, but did we know it was going to be this bad? The Rockies are 28th in the league with a 5.13 ERA. First in hits allowed with 285, 4th in homeruns allowed with 35, 25th in strikeouts with 191.

The bright spots if there are any would be Jamie Moyer not just being a feel good story, but leading the starting rotation with a 4.01 ERA, despite a 1-2 record with little run support or help in relief from the bullpen. Matt Reynolds leads the staff in wins with 3 and Nicasio and Guthrie lead the starters with 2 wins each. Betancourt has 6 saves in 7 opportunities. Still the pitching overall could be better.

FIELDING (C) – 27th in fielding percentage(.977), dead last in defensively efficiency rating(.647), 5th in errors committed with 24. Tulo leads the team with 7 errors already this season after he only had 6 errors all of last season.

HITTING (B) – 8th in batting average(.259), 11th in on base percentage(.329), 5th in slugging(.446), 5th in RBIs(142), and tied for 6th in homeruns(34) and 5th in runs scored(146). The bright spots would be Cargo leading the team in RBIs(26) and homeruns(7). Eight homeruns from the catcher’s position, 4 from Wilin Rosario and 4 from Ramon Hernandez and 22 RBIs between them. Fowler, and Colvin showing some power and run production with 6 homers and 23 RBIs between them. Both Fowler and Cuddyer need to cut down on the strikeouts with 25 apiece.


Jamie Moyer goes Westword…

If you live in the Denver metro area and you havent seen the latest Westword magazine, you should probably pick one up. Jamie Moyer is on the cover of this weeks issue. I scooped up a copy in hopes of having it autographed. Let’s hope that being on the cover doesnt carry with it any curses like it does being on the cover of Sports Illustrated. You gotta love the cover, with an old school baseball card look, which is fitting for Moyer, who at 49 is the oldest pitcher to win a major league game. How can you not like a story on the career and the triumphs of Jamie Moyer? For the entire article by Westword’s Caleb Hannan click here.

2012 season opener Rockies @ Astros preview…

With some certainty Astros fans have little to look forward to this season, except the end of the season. 2013 the Astros move to the American League which gives them a new, fresher start, if you will. There’s little talent on the Astros roster, so Astros fans shouldnt expect them to surprise anyone in the division, let alone the National League. This years Astros are not last seasons D’backs, and if you followed this blog for any length of time you know I despise the D’backs(as well as almost everything Arizona), so for me to get them the slightest bit of credit, means I must not be feeling well.

With the same amount if not greater certainty Rockies fans arent sure what to expect from this team for the 2012 season. Part of that is that the NL West is still anybody’s game, despite the Giants and D’backs seemingly to be the favorites by the media. Sure, there were moves were made this offseason. Gone are Iannetta(thank God!), Cook, Street, Smith, Stewart, Hammel, Spilborghs and others. In are Cuddyer, Scutaro, Hernandez, Moyer, Guthrie, etc. Is this team on paper better than last season’s team? I believe they are, but not that much better to win the NL West. Pitching of course being the unknown factor.

The Rockies should take 2 out of 3 in the series as I’m giving the Astros game 1 since it is their home opener. God I hope I’m wrong and the Rox sweep! It would be a great way to come into the home opener at Coors Field on April 9th.

Scutaro becomes a Rockie…

Photo by Getty Images

Well the Rockies get Marco Scutaro from the Red Sox, trading away Clayton Mortensen. Honestly I dont see much difference here between if the Rockies had kept Mark Ellis on the team than now adding Scutaro. Some Rockies fans on Rockies facebook page seem to be happy to have a “name” on this team. Other fans recognize the fact that this team still needs proven veteran pitching going into this season, like I do.

Scutaro is a lifetime .270 hitter over his 10 year career, with the last two seasons spent in Boston where he batted .282 in 2010 in 150 games and .299 in 2011 in 113 games.

Fans over at Extra Bases on feel about half and half on the trade. Saving $6 million off the Red Sox payroll is huge. I dont get the mindset of Dan O’Dowd. Is he making moves for the sake of making moves or is he honestly trying to improve this team? I would say that it is certainly not the latter.

Within the next week or so I hope to take a look back at the transactions the Rockies have been a part of this offseason and give a grade on each as we head into spring training.

Grand Junction Rockies…

Heeeerrrrrreeeeee are your Grand Junction Rockies!!! The name is eh… OK, I’ve gotten used to it. The adaptation of the parent Colorado Rockies logo from mountains to the mesas of the Western Slope is weak and uninspiring to say the least. The G.J. Rox will continue to play in the Pioneer League as they have prior years before as the Casper Rockies, and most recently the Casper Ghosts.

Wigginton trade makes little sense…

Since July 30th of the 2011 season(Ubaldo trade) most every move Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd has made thus far continues to set this team backwards for the upcoming 2012 season. The trade of Ty Wiggington yesterday to the Phillies makes very little sense, if any at all, as the hole at third base just got bigger. Say what you want about Wiggy’s stats last season (.242, 15, 47), but with Wiggy on the roster there is at least some Major League experience at the position(and at the plate), alot more than Ian Stewart and Jordan Pacheco have brought to the hot corner. If nothing else you keep Wigginton on the roster and let he and Stewart and possibly Pacheco battle it out in spring training for the starting job. Pacheco isn’t ready to start the 2012 season on the Rockies roster and Stewart, who knows? He’s got alot of work to do if he is going to remain with this team.

“We are trying to reshape our club and this made sense,” general manager Dan O’Dowd said. – Denver Post

What sense does this make Dan? Please tell me. From a monetary standpoint, yes it does makes sense, you saved the club a couple of mil. Wiggy’s $4 million doesnt break the bank, but the return on the trade of $100K or a player to be named later does no good to the Rockies who need to win NOW. O’Dowd again goes for trading certainty for uncertainty and that uncertainty is a “player to be named later”. Not only that, the uncertainty is that Stewart or Pacheco can be the definitive answer for the Rockies at third base. Just like O’Dowd is hoping that Alex White and Drew Pomeranz can do the same in the pitching rotation. All the while he is hoping, the fans have to settle for what is going to be another mediocre (if not less than) season for the Rockies in 2012. I will say it now, the Rockies will NOT win the NL West next season(DUH!) and will do good to finish 4th within the division. Is it too early to ask when the 2012 NFL season starts?

Salt River Rafters win AFL Championship…

The Salt River Rafters lead by Sky Sox manager Stu Cole, win the Arizona Fall League Championship game 9-3 with the help of Rockies prospect,  Nolan Arenado(3B). Arenado who was named AFL MVP earlier today homered in the 3rd inning to give the Rafters a 3-0 lead. Rockies prospects Nolan Arenado, Tim Wheeler and Ben Paulsen scored for 5 of the Rafters 9 runs and went 3 for 11 at the plate. (Box Score)



Tigres del Licey – Esmil Rogers (P) – no stats

Aguilas Cibaenas – Wilin Rosario (C) – .233, 6 homeruns, 26 RBIs in 24 games.

Toros del Este – Hector Gomez (SS) – .263, 5 hits, 3 runs scored in 7 games.


Caneros de los Mochis – Alejandro Barraza (P) – 2-1, 4.50 ERA and 12 strikeouts in 6 starts. Barraza played at Casper last season.


Criollos de Caguas – Joe Torres (P) – no stats.

Gigantes de Carolina – Juan Perez (P) – 1 inning pitched, allowing 2 hits in 2 appearances. Perez played at Asheville last season.

Gigantes de Carolina – Radames Nazario (2B) – .400, 4 hits, 1 run scored in 5 games.


Navegantes del Magallanes – Jesus Merchan (SS) – .200, 3 hits, 1 run scored, 4 total bases in 4 games.

Caribes de Anzoategui – Eliezer Alfonzo (C) – .155, 9 hits, 3 homeruns and 7 RBIs in 17 games.

Caribes de Anzoategui – Jonathan Herrera (2B) – no stats.

Tiburones de La Guaira – Rafael Ortega (CF) – no stats.

Tiburones de La Guaira – Rafael Suarez (P) – 1-1, 3.60 ERA in 10 innings and 8 appearances. Suarez played at Asheville and Tri City last season.

Tiburones de La Guaira – Vianney Mayo (P) – 0-0, 20.25 ERA in 1 start through 1.1 innings. Vanney played at Tri City last season.

Aguilas de Zulia – Carlos Gonzalez (OF) – no stats.

Leones del Caracas – Jhoulys Chacin (P) – no stats.

Leones del Caracas – Edgmer Escalona (P) – 1-2, 12.00 in 3 appearances and 3 innings.

Bravos de Margarita – Eric Young Jr (2B) – .209, 9 hits, 5 runs scored, and 3 RBIs in 11 games.

Rockies….Big ticket deal? Give me a break…

Jim Armstrong has an article in today’s Denver Post on the Rockies and the idea of landing a “big ticket” player in the offseason. To that, I and numerous Rockies fans say, “We’ll believe it when we see it.”

We hear this every off season in some way shape or form. Take for instance the quote from Dick Monfort.

“We have to be open minded,” Monfort said, “but you’re not going to go out and sign (Jose) Reyes.”

Being open minded means that they will sit back and see what player fits their tight (by that I mean cheap) wallets and fans wont see any significant move made especially to the pitching staff. Where it seems every offseason they find one or two pitchers with a below average record and talent, sign him in hopes of rehabilitating a career, if only for the current season while the younger guys develop in the minors. Sounds cheap if you ask me. I like O’Dowd’s quote on winning the division.

“In this division, you win or lose with starting pitching.”

Well please Mr. O’Dowd tell us how long it took you to figure that one out? But yet you placed a somewhat inexperienced starting rotation on the field last season, hoping to strike lightning and in return you got nothing and the fans got nothing. And in the meantime trading your ace Ubaldo Jimenez for prospects and setting the organization back 2-3 seasons while we wait to see what sort of prize(s) we are hopeful to get inside a stale box of Cracker Jack.

Again please prove the fans wrong and make some significant moves this offseason that will make this team better and not to mention a contender. We’re four seasons removed from a World Series appearance and the window is closing fast with a few of the players on this team.

Early Spring Training…

The Rockies season as we head into the first series of September is over. Some like myself would say that it’s been over for a few weeks not if not months. So basically the next 4 weeks of September is really an early version of spring training 2012, just not taking place in Scottsdale, AZ.

While the D’backs look to run away with the division, currently leading the Giants by 6 games. I find it difficult to watch the Rockies, mostly on TV than in person. A team with so much promise has once again underachieved, and this underachievement might even be bigger than the 2008 season. Maybe the expectations of the fans, media and the baseball world were or are too much for the Rockies to live up to. Maybe if no one expects a team with this much talent to do anything, then they might be able to compete for a division title. Really, how many people honestly in their preseason predictions had Arizona to be the surprise team in the N.L. West? The freakin’ Dbacks?! Please!

I cant deny that I have turned most of my attention, as most fans this time of the year do, to the upcoming college and pro football seasons, while still somewhat keeping an eye on the Rockies. That’s usually not the case with me, but this year I guess I’m a little more fed up than usual. I have also turned my attention to Opening Day of 2012. Looking forward yet again to the grand feeling of extreme optimism that each Opening Days holds for every baseball fan of every team.

So Rockies fans you can stop looking for the Rockies to make any improbable run to win the division yet alone a wildcard, that’s not gonna happen. I’m not giving up on the Rockies, I’ll always be a fan. I just know that this season is a disappointment and there is very little to look forward to for the remaining of the season. Who gets called-up from where, I could care less. How well Alex White does this month has no bearing on what type of career he may or may not have with the Rockies next season and the seasons following. Bring on the off-season and the Winter Meetings so that we as fans can begin to have our own ideas of what type of team we will have next season. Who’s gonna play 3rd? Will somebody take claim and hold of being an everyday 2nd baseman? Will 2012 be Jim Tracy’s final season as manager of the Rockies? Can Troy Tulowitzki be more of a leader and put this team on his back for a season and not just a game or a series?

I will watch the remaining games with little interest, other than the occasional ROOT Sports shots of Alanna Rizzo, as the win and losses have little to no meaning. So treat the month of September for what it is Rockies fans, an early spring training.

I came across this video earlier today, that kinda puts it into a little perspective on this long baseball season. Enjoy!

Giambi walk off HR leaves Marlins reeling…

In a season where Lodo Magic has been in short supply, Dexter Fowler, Carlos Gonzalez and Jason Giambi each gave the team a boost of it Monday night at Coors Field. Just when you figured the Rockies were abiding by the usual endlessly season script of “coming close but not close enough to win” or the other script of “not taking care of business at home”, the Rockies found away to finally come out on top in the end, for what has only been it seems a handful of times this season.

There was an emotional lift from this team that we usually dont see from the Rockies throughout a season. Honestly something I would like to see more of. EY Jr’s emotions after being called out on a close play at first base late in the game for example. I think if the fans saw more emotion like that from this team then they could more easily get behind them and not feel like the players are just up there going through the motions.

It was an exciting finish to a ballgame that got no love on Sports Center last night. Which all belonged to Jim Thome reaching career homerun #600. Congrats to Thome for reaching that milestone.

Now if only the Rockies can build off last night’s win and have a winning homestand, things possibly could begin to look more interesting in the NL West. The Giants as of late are struggling winning 4 of their last 10, while the D’backs have won 7 of their last 10, including 6 in a row. I’m not saying we can catch the D’backs, but a really good record at Coors Field over these next 8 games, can become a start. And with the Marlins, Dodgers and Astros in town this week, the underachieving Rockies can do it if they want to.

For the Miami Herald’s take on the Marlins loss last night from Herald writer Clark Spencer. Click here.

5 things wrong with watching games at Coors Field…

1. Dinger – Nevermind that he is a senseless excuse for a mascot, much less anything else. But watching him behind homeplate in the latter innings of a game is just dumb altogether and makes Coors Field and the Rockies seem a bit like a minor league team. Even a couple of San Francisco Giants blogs have articles on him from a few months back.

Now we all know Giants fans can be a bit whiny at times. But I’m sure Giants fans arent the only teams aside from a majority of Rockies fans who would like to see this dinosaur become extinct.

2. The Camarena Macarena inning. This poor attempt to try and sell tequila with a dance that should have been banned before it was even thought of happens I believe before the start of 8th inning. The Macarena song is played while the camera pans the crowd looking for dancing fools doing this pathetic excuse for a dance. Warning! Men if you’re caught doing this dance on the jumbotron, dont even think of asking for your man-card back. It will be permanently revoked on the spot! Here is a recent Tweet from someone attending a game at Coors Field. Again, another minor-league offering from a major league team. Leave the antics to those in the minors.!/will_e_777/status/74313343652986880

3. The “Hey Baby! I Wanna Know If You’ll Be My Girl” 7th inning stretch. Honestly dont let anyone tell you any differently. This is the Rockies attempt to be like our bigger brothers of the American League East, the Boston Red Sox. The playing of “Sweet Caroline” has become a tradition at Fenway Park over the years and somehow the Rockies felt the need to create their own tradition. I dont blame them for trying, but “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is enough for me.

4. The 25 minute infomercial prior to the actual start of the game. This is what probably irks me more than anything at Coors Field, but dont quote me on it. The Rockies PA announcer begins his spill about the “World’s Finest Ballpark, Coors Field” and then follows through with other announcements and promos and somewhere in there the National Anthem is thrown in there(sometimes horribly). The biggest problem for me is that after the National Anthem is over, there is still about 10-15 minutes before the actual start of the game. Here’s an idea. Introduce the lineups, let the players take the field, then do the National Anthem, throw out the honorary first pitch, and let start the game. To me when I hear the National Anthem, I am ready for the start of the game, not having to wait another 10 minutes.

5. Did I mention Dinger? 

Dont worry folks, I will do a post of the 5 things right about watching games at Coors Field in the next day or two.

When it rains, it pours…

This isn’t just to reference the monsoon of rain (3 inches) we received here in the Denver metro area Thursday during the evening rush hour commute, but to also reference the current state of the Rockies in 2011. First it was the sprinkling of injuries within the last week. Carlos Gonzalez injures his wrist, then Troy Tulowitzki with the quad, neither of who has played in the series against the Braves. Then yesterday recent call-up and quick fan favorite outfielder Charlie Blackmon goes down with a broken left foot. Did I mention the injured pride of Aaron Cook, who can’t seem to find the strike zone or a win with a Garmin GPS device.

Then there is the downpour of recent losses, currently sitting at 5 straight losses and 7 of their last 9 games. Dont be surprised if the Nationals dont sweep the Rockies as well. The Rockies are currently 8.5 games behind the NL West division leading Giants and 6.5 back of the 2nd place D’backs.

Let’s face it, though I hate to say it, the Rockies are done. Now that is the realist in me of course, but there is the hopelessly optimistic side of me, that thinks, believes and at times just knows in my gut that the Rockies can turn this thing around. But I am sick and tired of this team always wanting to be the miracle comeback team, like they were in 2007. You can’t always win games playing from behind, let alone win a divsion and that’s what I feel this team likes to maybe perceive itself as, the “eternal underdog”. “There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!” Last I checked Underdog was a fictional cartoon but the Rockies are certainly playing that way as of late. As if because nobody in baseball is focusing on them in the media, that they can suddenly spring a surprise on teams and suddenly have teams take notice. Wanna make teams take notice, then start winning ballgames, start playing smart baseball, start with a “take no prisoners” attitude and beat the teams, you’re supposed to beat and better yet kick the ass of teams who are perceived to be the bigger badder teams of major league baseball. It begins with believing that you are and can be the team that you want to be and playing hard each and every game of a 162 game season. No more feeling sorry, or feeling like the underdogs. If you want to win the division, then dammit Rockies you have to go out and take it! No one is going to just give you the division, certainly not the Giants! Stop believing that the getting the NL Wildcard is “good enough”, because as a fan and someone who believes in the talent on this team, it’s not good enough. I’m stepping down off my pedestal now.

It’s all yours Rockies Nation, what’s your take?

Rox outlast Royals, go for sweep on Sunday…

After losing the last two series, against the Yankees on the road and the White Sox at Coors Field, the Rockies with last night’s 9-6 win over the Royals assured themselves of winning the 3 game series. The Rockies jumped out to a huge 7-0 lead after just two innings. The top of the lineup, Gonzalez, Ellis, Helton, Tulowitzki, and Smith went 11 for 21 with 7 RBIs. Newest Rockies Mark Ellis continues his hot hitting with a 3 for 5 night. Chris Iannetta himself had a perfect night going 3 for 3 with an RBI. The only position player starting the game for the Rockies without a hit was outfielder Charlie Blackmon(0 for 3). Ryan Spilborghs went 0 for 1 in a pinch hitting role.

Huston Street recorded his 24th save of the season, tying him for first in the league with 4 others.

Rockies starter Greg Reynolds got his 3rd win of the season(3-0) with a 5 inning effort giving up 8 hits and 5 RBIs. The Rox will (dare I say it) go for the sweep this afternoon with Jason Hammel(4-7, 4.02) against Colorado native Luke Hochevar(5-8, 4.96) for the Royals. Not exactly a dream matchup on the mound, but with the records of both starting pitchers, this could be an interesting game. Can the Rockies offensive onslaught continue? The Rockies have scored 18 runs in the first 2 games of the series.

Rockies offense explodes in 13-6 win over Tigers…

The pitching staff got a huge lift Friday night as the Rockies offense went ballistic on the Detroit Tigers. Jason Hammel was already nursing a 9-1 lead after the third inning. Chris Nelson had the biggest hit of the night and of his major league career so far, with a 3 run homerun in the 2nd inning, part of a 6 run inning for the Rockies. Charlie Blackmon had a perfect night at the plate, going 4 for 4with 2 RBIs. Carlos Gonzalez led the team with 4 RBIs on the night after going 2 for 4. Jason Hammel recorded his 4th win on the season after giving up 6 runs on 8 hits through 6.1 innings. Four of Hammel’s 6 runs given up were off of a grand slam by Jhonny Peralta in the 6th inning for the Tigers.

The Rockies held the Tigers to 2 for 10 with runners in scoring position, despite allowing 12 hits. The win last night was the Rockies third in a row and has them 4.5 games behind the division leading Giants.

Tigers(38-31) @ Rockies(33-35) Preview…

Former Rockies manager Jim Leyland and the AL Central leading Detroit Tigers invade Coors Field this weekend for a 3 game interleague series. The Rockies have a bit of momentum on a 2 game win streak and a 2 games to 1 series win over the San Diego Padres. On the other side, the Tigers are a game ahead of the Cleveland Indians in the AL Central, thanks to the Indians recent 3-7 slide in their last 10 games, while the Tigers went 6-4.

The Rockies come into this series with an 11-7 record against the Tigers overall, 7-2 at Coors Field. The Tigers last appearance in Denver was in 2005.

HOT LIST – Miguel Cabrera(1B/Tigers) 4 for 9 with 2 RBIs and 2 walks in his last 3 games. Brennan Boesch(LF/Tigers) 5 for 11 in last 3 games, with a home run and 2 RBIs. Charlie Blackmon(OF/Rockies) 7 for 12 in his last 3 games, including 3 RBIs and 3 stolen bases.

NOT LIST – Austin Jackson(CF/Tigers) 2 for 12 in last 3 games. Magglio Ordonez(RF/Tigers) 1 for 8 in June, though he’s only played in 3 games this month. Jhonny Peralta(SS/Tigers) 8 for 40 in his last 10 games, including 12 strikeouts. Chris Iannetta(C/Rockies) 5 for 28 in his last 10 games, with 10 strikeouts.

Fresh Produce (scores from the farm) 6/17…

The Sky Sox were the only team in the Rockies farm system to win last night, while Tulsa was rained out at home. And it’s opening day today for the short season Tri City Dust Devils of the Northwest League!

CLASS AAA: COLORADO SPRINGS 7 @ LAS VEGAS 3 – Brad Emaus went 3 for 5 with a home run and 3 RBIs.


CLASS A (ADVANCED): MODESTO 3 @ SAN JOSE 6 – Modesto committed 4 errors and pitcher Michael Marbry gave up 3 runs in 1.2 innings for his 2nd blown save and 1st loss on the season.


CLASS A: ASHEVILLE 5 @ AUGUSTA 6 – Helder Velazquez led the Tourists with 2 RBIs on 1 for 4 hitting.


Fresh Produce (scores from the farm) 6/10…

The Rockies farm system went 2 for 2 last night.

CLASS AAA: RENO 4 @ COLORADO SPRINGS 6 – Ryan Rohlinger led the team with 3 RBIs on a 1 for 4 night.

CLASS AA: TULSA 9 @ SPRINGFIELD 10 – Christian Friedrich struck out 7 in 5.1 innings, allowing only 2 runs. A no decision for Friedrich.

CLASS A (ADVANCED): SAN JOSE 2 @ MODESTO 0 – Modesto only 3 hits from 13 innings of shutout baseball for San Jose. Nolan Arenado recorded 2 of those hits going 2 for 5.

CLASS A: ASHEVILLE 2 @ CHARLESTON 1 – Rafael Ortega went 2 for 3 with an RBI. Albert Campos struck out 6 through 7 innings for his 4th win on the season.


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