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Rockies, Orioles swap bad pitching…

The Denver Post and the Baltimore Sun this morning are reporting a trade between the Rockies and the Orioles. The Rockies will acquire Jeremy Guthrie(47-65, 4.19) for Jason Hammel(34-45, 4.99) and Matt Lindstrom(12-15, 3.81).

Jason Hammel has had 2 winning seasons during his 6 year career, 2009 (10-8) and 2010 (10-9). Jeremy Guthrie’s only winning season came in 2007 when he went 7-5 with a 3.70 ERA through 8 seasons.

There’s hardly any love of this trade over on the Baltimore Sun website (here) from an Orioles fans perspective. As a Rockies fan and blogger I can say that I don’t feel much about this trade. Maybe the move to the National League will be good for Guthrie. Hammel returns to the American League, where he began his career with the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Wigginton trade makes little sense…

Since July 30th of the 2011 season(Ubaldo trade) most every move Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd has made thus far continues to set this team backwards for the upcoming 2012 season. The trade of Ty Wiggington yesterday to the Phillies makes very little sense, if any at all, as the hole at third base just got bigger. Say what you want about Wiggy’s stats last season (.242, 15, 47), but with Wiggy on the roster there is at least some Major League experience at the position(and at the plate), alot more than Ian Stewart and Jordan Pacheco have brought to the hot corner. If nothing else you keep Wigginton on the roster and let he and Stewart and possibly Pacheco battle it out in spring training for the starting job. Pacheco isn’t ready to start the 2012 season on the Rockies roster and Stewart, who knows? He’s got alot of work to do if he is going to remain with this team.

“We are trying to reshape our club and this made sense,” general manager Dan O’Dowd said. – Denver Post

What sense does this make Dan? Please tell me. From a monetary standpoint, yes it does makes sense, you saved the club a couple of mil. Wiggy’s $4 million doesnt break the bank, but the return on the trade of $100K or a player to be named later does no good to the Rockies who need to win NOW. O’Dowd again goes for trading certainty for uncertainty and that uncertainty is a “player to be named later”. Not only that, the uncertainty is that Stewart or Pacheco can be the definitive answer for the Rockies at third base. Just like O’Dowd is hoping that Alex White and Drew Pomeranz can do the same in the pitching rotation. All the while he is hoping, the fans have to settle for what is going to be another mediocre (if not less than) season for the Rockies in 2012. I will say it now, the Rockies will NOT win the NL West next season(DUH!) and will do good to finish 4th within the division. Is it too early to ask when the 2012 NFL season starts?

Rockies….Big ticket deal? Give me a break…

Jim Armstrong has an article in today’s Denver Post on the Rockies and the idea of landing a “big ticket” player in the offseason. To that, I and numerous Rockies fans say, “We’ll believe it when we see it.”

We hear this every off season in some way shape or form. Take for instance the quote from Dick Monfort.

“We have to be open minded,” Monfort said, “but you’re not going to go out and sign (Jose) Reyes.”

Being open minded means that they will sit back and see what player fits their tight (by that I mean cheap) wallets and fans wont see any significant move made especially to the pitching staff. Where it seems every offseason they find one or two pitchers with a below average record and talent, sign him in hopes of rehabilitating a career, if only for the current season while the younger guys develop in the minors. Sounds cheap if you ask me. I like O’Dowd’s quote on winning the division.

“In this division, you win or lose with starting pitching.”

Well please Mr. O’Dowd tell us how long it took you to figure that one out? But yet you placed a somewhat inexperienced starting rotation on the field last season, hoping to strike lightning and in return you got nothing and the fans got nothing. And in the meantime trading your ace Ubaldo Jimenez for prospects and setting the organization back 2-3 seasons while we wait to see what sort of prize(s) we are hopeful to get inside a stale box of Cracker Jack.

Again please prove the fans wrong and make some significant moves this offseason that will make this team better and not to mention a contender. We’re four seasons removed from a World Series appearance and the window is closing fast with a few of the players on this team.

Pomeranz, Rockies newest bad boy?..

OK, not much is really known in detail still as to why Rockies pitcher Drew Pomeranz was arrested early this morning in Oxford, MS for disturbing the peace. But the Rockies did release the following statement.

“The Rockies organization is aware of the unfortunate incident involving Drew Pomeranz that took place in Oxford, Mississippi. We have been in contact with Drew and his representatives and we will continue to gather more information. Both Drew and our organization understand the serious nature of the situation.”

I cant say that this really bothers me at all. Actually I kind of like the idea that the Rockies organization as far as the players are not perfect. And I mean not just at the plate or on the hill either. Everyone cant be a choir boy. One fan on blog, On the Rox, went as far as to label it the “Curse of Ubaldo”. I have to say I like that.

But let’s see it for what it is. Whatever happened, it was away from the team, during the offseason, he didnt kill anyone, sleep with 15 different women, etc. As far as I’m concerned this is a, “Move along folks, there’s nothing to see here” issue. Besides what Lackey, Beckett and Lester did in the clubhouse numerous times this season with the Red Sox is far worse than this and they weren’t breaking any laws.

It’s not like the Rockies have a conveyor belt of bad boys coming through the organization, at least not since Denny Neagle’s arrest for soliciting a woman for oral sex in 2004.

Ubaldo on DL, Reynolds gets the call…

This just in. The Denver Post is reporting the Ubaldo Jimenez will be placed on the disabled list retroactive to April 2nd. Greg Reynolds will get the call up to start in Jimenez’ place.

Dodgers(3-1) @ Rockies(1-1) Preview…

The Rockies have the day off today coming after yesterday’s postponement due to inclement weather against the D’backs. I’ve never really agreed with the idea of starting the season, playing a 3 game series then the team having a day off. Coming out of spring training teams should play at least a week before having a day off. Unfortunately for the Rockies the extra day off before the Dodgers series means the Rockies cant get into any sort of groove going into the series. While the Dodgers have 4 games under their belt already after a 7-5 victory over the Giants on Sunday night.

HOT and NOT’S – A brief look at who’s hot and who’s not coming into this series.


Matt Kemp – 5 for 12 against the Giants, a .533 on base percentage, .417 batting average, 4 runs scored, and 3 RBIs.

Clayton Kershaw – 1-0, 0.00 ERA through 7 innings.

Jonathan Broxton – 3 saves in as many appearances.


James Loney – 2 for 15 against the Giants with a .133 batting average


Chris Iannetta – 3 for 6 against the D’backs, 3 runs scored, .625 on base percentage, .833 slugging percentage

Carlos Gonzalez – 4 for 9 against D’backs, 5 total bases, .556 slugging percentage.


Troy Tulowitzki – 0 for 8 through first two games.

Jhoulys Chacin (0-0) will go up against Clayton Kershaw (1-0) Tuesday evening at Coors Field, game time 6:10pm


EXTRA BASES – The Denver Post this morning reports that a Major League Baseball “Authenticator” will be on hand at each Rockies home game to monitor baseballs from the humidor to the game. Story here. I guess the crying sessions the Giants put up last season got them the result they somewhat desired.

Also Troy Renck of the Denver Post writes about catcher Chris Iannetta taking ownership of the catcher’s position. Honestly Iannetta had no other choice. Time will tell as the season moves along. Iannetta who batted .197 last season is currently batting .500, going 3 for 6 in the teams first two games of 2011. Last season after the first two games of the season Iannetta went 0 for 6.

Maybe it’s time to give credit to the Rox new hitting coach Carney Lansford or maybe, just maybe Iannetta is channeling Yankees catcher Thurman Munson with his new mustache and hair growth. Tell me I’m not the only person who thought upon seeing Iannetta’s new look this season that he didnt remind you right away of Thurman Munson. If channeling Munson improves Iannetta’s batting average this season, I’m all for it! Munson who also played catcher was a lifetime .292 hitter over 11 seasons with the Yankees before a tragic plane accident took his life in 1979.

Will the Rockies land Michael Young?..

Rangers infielder and DH Michael Young has been a target of the Rockies for a minute and with Young having recently demanded a trade from the Rangers, the Rockies might have a chance to land him. Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports the Rockies arent very optimistic about their chances.

If you paid any attention to the Dallas Morning News from this past weekend, they reported that had the Rangers trading Michael Young to the Rockies in place by as soon as today. But there is also the report of the Rangers sending mixed signals. story here.

The Angels and Phillies are two other teams that have interest in Michael Young. The Bleacher Report on has the top trades for the Phillies if they are to acquire Michael Young.

The LA Times reports the Angels may have to take on a significant portion of Young’s contract (3 years, 48 million), plus possibly give up a major league player and a prospect.

Out of the 8 possible teams interested in Young, no team currently has an advantage in acquiring his services.

Michael Young has a career .300 batting average over 11 seasons and in 2010 hit 21 homeruns, 91 RBIs with a .284 average.

Rockies add Wigginton to the mix…

Jim Armstrong of the Denver Post this morning is reporting that the Rockies have inked Ty Wigginton to a 2 year deal worth 8 million. Story here. Wigginton is know as a utility infielder and has spent two-thirds of his career in the National League. Wigginton during his career has played for the Mets, Pirates, Devil Rays, Astros and the last 2 seasons with the Orioles. Wigginton was named an all-star in 2010. I cant say that I was all too excited about this initially, but this is a very solid pickup by the Rockies, that should pay off in 2011.

EXTRA BASES - Best wishes for a quick recovery for manager Jim Tracy, who as we’ve all heard by now is resting in a local Orlando hospital after a collapse early this morning.

Barmes sent to Astros for Paulino…

Well the Rockies have freed up the infield logjam a little in moving a fan favorite in Clint Barmes to the Astros for pitcher Felipe Paulino. story here. Barmes suffered from a bit of a hitting slump last season which resulted in the increased playing time of Jonathan Herrera and Eric Young Jr at second base.

In all honesty the business side of baseball doesnt care much about fan favorites. And though Barmes is a hard-nosed, blue collar ballplayer with a great glove in the infield, the Rockies had little choice in moving him with the upside of Hererra and Young. That doesnt mean the Rox wont sign another veteran infielder to challenge the young guys, which I expect they will do during the offseason.

Felipe Paulino comes to the Rockies with a 6-21 win-loss record and an ERA of 5.83 over 3 seasons. Paulino appeared in a career high of 23 games in 2009, starting in 17 of those games, also a career high. He also recorded his career high in strikeouts in the ’09 season with 93, but also gave up 20 homeruns. If there is anything good to report, it would be that Paulino’s ERA has gone down each of his 3 seasons from 7.11 in 2008, to 6.27 in 2009, to 5.11 last season.

Rockies relieve Corpas…

The Rockies yesterday relieved Manny Corpas of his duties with the organization, while eating almost 4 million in the process. The last I heard the Rockies dont have money to just throw around, yet they do it here without getting anything in return for Corpas. Not a trade offer at least? Maybe play him this season and hope to get something on your investment and if not, then release him during the season, but at least they would have gotten something. So I think we can safely say that Corpas could show up in Pittsburgh, now that Hurdle is the manager of the Pirates. Hurdle had a great amount of confidence in Corpas than Rockies fans probably ever did. I can’t say that I’m sorry to see Corpas go, but the Rockies not getting something in return and eating money on the contract wasn’t a smart move. Now if they want to just players go for nothing, then they could’ve started with catcher Chris Iannetta or pitcher Jeff Francis.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports that the Rockies want to retain Jorge De La Rosa, but for less than 4 years. Story here.

Tulo & Cargo add more hardware…

Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez both have had a better week than most. Wednesday both were awarded the first Gold Gloves of their careers and Thursday both received their first Silver Slugger awards.

Colorado story

Denver Post story

EXTRA BASES – Should we really be surprised that the Yankees have an interest in Jorge De La Rosa? The Yankees have an interest in every player in the league to be honest. The N.Y. Daily News is reporting the Yanks interest, should things fall through with Cliff Lee. Story here.

Rockies and Lance Berkman?..

Dont laugh at the possibility, but Troy Renck of the Denver Post is reporting that the Rockies are looking into the possibility of Yankees first baseman Lance Berkman being an “impact bat” (a term used by manager Jim Tracy) in the Rockies lineup. Apparently there is some interest from Berkman, but we all know that interest is gonna be based on whether or not there are offers from other teams besides the Rockies. So it’s not like the Rox are at the top of Berkman’s list of teams to go to in the offseason. While I must admit I do like the idea of adding Berkman to the roster, in order for him to be the “impact bat” that Jim Tracy refers to. Berkman will need to play alot of the time in the starting lineup and not just simply in the role as Giambi mostly played in 2010 as “the big threat to come off the bench in late game situations.” Which as we all know, worked out well at times and other times not so well.

EXTRA BASES – Yesterday Try Renck also had a story in the Denver Post about the Rockies “Decisions loom on Francis & Olivo”. I dont really care much for Jeff Francis anymore and to bring him back for the sake of saving money is OK, but if that’s the only reason the Rockies are wanting to bring him back, then please assure the fans that he is going to be the pitcher he was in 2007. I think we all know that wont be the case.

Now as for Olivo, why is there any hesitation on this decision? Sign him! It seems like we go through this almost every year. We did this crap at the end last season with Yorvit Torrealba and here we are again. Olivo had a monster first half of the season in 2010 for the Rox and yes should have been on the all-star team. Olivo is speed on the basepaths, has a better batting average at the plate, and is better able to handle the pitching staff than “catcher of the future”, Chris Iannetta. It is apparent that O’Dowd is a poor scout when it comes to catchers in the Rockies farm system. Whenever you hear O’Dowd mention the phrase “catcher of the future” you should turn and run the opposite direction. How about this for an idea, package Francis and Iannetta together, sending Jeff home to Canada for a few pounds of Canadian bacon and a couple of kegs of Molson or Labatt Blue. Drink responsibly.

Rockies drop finale in NY, “Q” tests positive…

The Rockies finish another road trip under .500 though not anywhere near as bad as the previous 2-9 roadtrip. Johan Santana threw a complete game 4 hit shutout, with 10 strikeouts. Again too many times this roadtrip where the bats have been on silence. Troy Tulowitzki was the only Rockies player with multiple hits on the afternoon. Spilborghs and Olivo both led the team in striking out 2 times each today. Dexter Fowler was the only Rockies player to draw any walks, drawing two on the day. Jason Hammel didnt give his best effort, but still 4 runs over 7 innings, isnt a horrbile day at the office. What makes it worse than horrible is when your teammates cant make contact with the ball and put runs on the board. The Rockies head home for a 3 game homestand against the Brewers who will make their second trip to Coors Field this season.

EXTRA BASES – Troy Renck of the Denver Post has a quick article on Omar Quintanilla apologizing for having tested positive for a banned substance and will be currently serving a 50 game suspension. Story here.

Rockies President McGregor found dead…

Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports that Rockies president Keli McGregor was found dead this morning in a Salt Lake City hotel. Story here.

Here is the story out of the Salt Lake Tribune and some of the idiotic comments as well.

The Rockies released a club statement regarding the loss of Keli McGregor.

“Words cannot describe the level of shock and disbelief that we all are feeling this morning at the loss of Keli,” said Charlie Monfort. “Our thoughts, our prayers are with Lori and the entire family as we all try to cope and understand how such a tragic loss could occur with such a wonderful man.”

Game week approaches…

The excitement builds as we’re now 4 days away from the first game of spring training. Thursday March 4th the Diamondbacks and Rockies meet at Tucson Electric Park. Friday the Rockies will play split squad games on the road against the Angels and Giants, both at 1:05pm. The Rockies will play their first home game of spring training at Hi Corbett Field on Saturday March 6th against the Brewers.

Rockies beat writer Jim Armstrong writes a nice piece in this morning’s Denver Post on our “humble” Rockies being a quiet bunch. Here’s a quote from Rockies manager Jim Tracy from the article.

“It’s not necessary to create bulletin-board fodder for other clubs. We recognize who we are, and we go about our business accordingly. And through the course of our actions, that’s when people walk away from you shaking their heads and saying, ‘Boy, they’re awfully good.’ “

There are a couple of articles by Sarah Trotto, of the Arizona Daily Star on the Rockies. One article discusses the optimism the Rockies have about the 2010 season and the other article talks to the Rockies president Keli McGregor and what he and the Rockies will miss about spring training in Tucson and what they look forward to in their new home next season in Scottsdale.

Playing catchup (sort of)…

I’m not going to run through all of the acquisitions for the Rox over the last 2-3 weeks, we all know what has happened. Since the end of Rockiesfest the Rockies front office has been more than busy adding pieces to the roster before heading into spring training. The most recent major acquisition being Melvin Mora to a one year deal who will likely back up Ian Stewart at third base. Of course the big news that happened during Rockiefest was the re-signing of Jason Giambi. If you were at Rockiesfest then you know about what turned out to be the “item of the day” in Giambi player t-shirts and jerseys. Both items had already been marked half price because he hadn’t re-signed and it was assumed he wouldn’t return. But the items remained at half price even after it was learned during Rockiesfest that he had re-signed with the Rockies.

I did get some pictures from Rockiesfest 2010, but not a whole lot of anything different than the year before.

If fans weren’t excited about the Rockies before Rockiesfest, then they should be now. And it should get even more exciting as the start of the 2010 season draws near.

It wasn’t until last night that I’d made up my mind about whether or not to go to spring training this year. I had been looking at the schedule off and on since it had been released and trying to figure in time off from work and such and whether or not I would be able to afford to go. So yes I will be going to spring training. I will be there March 10th-14th. If you really into baseball on the collegiate level(as I am not), the University of Arizona will also be home, hosting the University of Northern Colorado the 12th-14th, though the start times seem to interfere with the Rockies.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post has a great article on how the Rox will miss Torrealba. I totally agree that the Rockies will miss Torrealba on many levels. Hopefully both Iannetta and Olivo will both be solid throughout the season and we dont have to wonder “what if”.

Rockiesfest 2010 is today!..

The Rockies hold their 2nd annual Rockiesfest today at Coors Field. The Rox aren’t the only team holding their fanfest today, the Orioles and Brewers come to mind first. If you’re attending Rockiesfest today, have a fun time! It’s gonna be an awesome day today. If I get some good pics, I’ll be sure to post them later today.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post has a great article this morning on Huston Street and two of the reasons, (besides a $22 million contract) that made him want to resign with the Rockies this season and beyond. Story here.

Rox sign 2 to minor league contracts…

Last evening the Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports that the Rockies have signed former Rockies outfielder Jay Payton to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training.

Payton last played for the Rox in the 02 and 03 seasons. Payton in a 157 games for the Rockies in 2003 had a batting average of .302, with 28 homeruns and 89 runs batted in.

Also reported in the Post was the Rockies signing catcher Paul LoDuca to a minor league contract.

Rockies sign 3 to deals…

The Denver Post reported this afternoon that the Rockies had avoided arbitration with Jorge De La Rosa, Clint Barmes and Taylor Buchholz . De La Rosa reportedly gets a 1 year deal worth just over 5 and a half million. Clint Barmes will get a little over 3.3 million this season, while Buchholz will receive 1.055 million this season after missing the entire 2009 season.

Not that it isn’t possible, but this late in the off season there’s no reason why the remaining players due for arbitration shouldn’t be in Rockies uniforms at the start of spring training. Huston Street, Rafael Betancourt, Ryan Spilborghs, and Jason Hammel are the remaining players up for arbitration.

EXTRA INNINGS – My thoughts on the off season so far. Losing Torrealba will hurt the Rockies some this season, but how quickly Miguel Olivo meshes with the pitching staff and his new teammates, could help the Rockies forget about Torrealba sooner than later. The battle between Olivo and Iannetta in spring training will be something to watch.

As for the loss of Garrett Atkins, losing the 2009 version of Garrett Atkins won’t hurt the Rockies at all. He will be missed in the clubhouse, but nothing he did last season will be.

The Jason Marquis of the first half of last season will be missed a great deal, as he did make the All Star team. What happened in the second half of the season on the mound, not to mention off the mound with the rumors of him wanting to join the Mets will not be missed. If the Rockies are to get to the playoffs this season Jeff Francis has to rebound to win 12-14 games.

- The Rockies 2nd annual Rockiesfest will be held next Saturday January 23rd at Coors Field. This year just like last year will be for season ticket holders only.

- The Denver Post also reported that Rockies TV voice, Drew Goodman won the award for Colorado Sportscaster of the Year. Who really cares? Apparently their criteria isn’t very high at all, kinda like Drew himself.

Olivo, the newest Rockie?

Troy Renck of the Denver Post last night reported that talks appear to be over with the idea of Torrealba resigning with the Rockies. Story here.

Allocation of contract money seems to be the problem as reported. So the Rox have turned their attention more towards Miguel Olivo, whom they’ve shown an interest in over the last month or so.

No deal has been finalized on either side as of yet and I will go as far to say that it doesn’t mean that something still can’t be worked out with Torrealba, though it seems unlikely at this point, according to Renck’s story.

My best guess is that of course should Olivo sign that he and Iannetta would compete for the starting position, but probably because of the new 3 year, $8 million deal Iannetta signed this off season that he’d most likely be named the starter. I’m still taking the wait and see attitude until we hear of a definite signing, because as we all know the Rockies don’t exactly do things in a normal fashion sometimes.

Inside the Humidor would like to wish everyone out there a safe and happy new year! See ya in 2010!

Rox offer 2 year deal to Torrealba…

The Denver Post and also Thomas Harding of both report that the Rockies have offered catcher Yorvit Torrealba a 2 year deal. Details here.

Tracy and O’Dowd to get long term deals…

OK. So It’s been a little over a week since the Rockies were bounced from the playoffs. And honestly since that day I’ve taken a few days off from the blogosphere to catch up on some other things, like classes and work. So I’m back now and over the next few days and weeks I will recap the 2009 season and then go over what I believe will be the Rockies team of 2010 and maybe even go as far as looking into the future of the franchise. So I guess we can begin with the Rockies manager Jim Tracy and general manager Dan O’Dowd both will receive long term contracts in the coming days according to the Denver Post this morning. A move that I think we all can certainly agree with seeing happening. But first if I may pose a question. How long is long term? I ask this because I all like to see stability in a franchise, but sometimes or most of the time in the sportsworld the contracts offered to managers and GMs are unnecessarily too long. I would like to see the Rockies sign both O’Dowd and Tracy to 3 year deals, nothing more. Let them both prove they can continue to work together to produce and put winning teams on the field. It’s my opinion that contracts longer than that only tend to breed complacency within a team or franchise. Sort of like the phrase, “There’s always next year!” On the other hand too short of a deal can lead to a sense of desperation in rushing to get the job done and moves being made more out of haste than out of common sense and what’s best for the team. So to me three years sounds about the right length on contracts to be given in this case.

I can sit here and tell you that I really haven’t logged a whole of TV time to watching the playoffs since the Rockies exit last week. What little bit that I have seen I can say this. In the National League, the Phillies are unstoppable really. And though I can’t stand his corny Subway commercial with Jared, Ryan Howard is becoming this generation’s Mr. October for the Phillies. On the American League side of the ball, the Yankees and Angels can’t seem to play a game less than 4 hours in length. That just shows you how more evenly matched these two teams are compared to the Phillies and Dodgers series. The Yankees will eventually move on to the World Series in 7 games, but can they find it in them to beat the Phillies if they continue to play these long extra inning games?

News and Notes 8/18…

Both Rockies fans and Nationals fans are excited this morning as both first round draft picks, Tyler Matzek (Rockies) and number 1 overall draft pick Stephen Strasburg (Nationals) have signed with their respective organizations. So at least here in D.C. it looks like there will be jubilee instead of fan protests at Nationals Park. Word has it here in Washington that Strasburg will be at Nationals Park tonight or tomorrow throwing out the first pitch.

According to Troy Renck of the Denver Post, Matzek signed with a near 4 million dollar bonus. The Nationals newest phenom, Stephen Strasburg gets 15 million plus incentives according to the Washington Post.

There’s a great article on Ubaldo Jimenez by Thom Henninger of the website that talks about Jimenez’ quality starts and his improved strikeout numbers. Henninger is also the senior writer for Stats LLC. Make sure to bookmark Hardball Cooperative.

Rox back in win column, go for .500 today…

Aaron Cook is now 6-3 on the season after fighting through a 2 run fifth inning on solo homeruns by Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria. The Rockies Troy Tulowitzki put up a 3 run shot in the 2nd and Chris Iannetta added a solo homer in the 4th inning. Huston Street gets his 14th save of the season and Manny Corpas in the set up role struck out 2 in the 8th. Ubaldo Jimenez starts this afternoon to try and even his record on the season to 6-6, going against Matt Garza (4-4) for the Rays in the rubber match.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports that former Rockies pitcher Shawn Chacon has signed a minor league contract with the Athletics.

Patrick Saunders writes on Yorvit Torrealba who is due to start his minor league rehab assignment after the homestand this Sunday to get back into playing shape.



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